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Toxic Positivity – A Growing Phenomenon

It is better to conquer our grief, than to deceive it. For if it is withdrawn, it starts up again. And from it’s very respite, gains force to savage us. – Seneca.

It is true that being a positive person is beautiful thing. No one wants to be around negativity and pessimism all day long. And positive thinking is also essential to get the Law Of Attraction to work properly. But is there a dark side to it? Is it a good thing to ALWAYS be positive?  In the short clip below, this idea is discussed.


Some Drawbacks of Too Much Positivity

  • Suppressing negative emotions can keep you from dealing with real issues
  • Suppressing those emotions can also diminish positive ones.
  • It is not an effective strategy to interact with and help others.
  • In can make you insensitive and non-empathetic.



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