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SBTV spoke with Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, about where the world is headed to from this crisis and how gold and silver are the best assets to protect wealth during these times.

Lynette speaks about the millions of people in the us are out of work,  the new forbearance law and how it affects real estate valuation, the funding of pension funds and the government using COVID-19 as an excuse to reset the financial markets.

Watch Below


Points in this interview:
06:38 Gold for wealth preservation, silver for barter
13:51 Not The Time To Be Complacent, Time To Prepare
17:04 Decent amount of gold and silver to have
21:00 Mixed feels over economy shutdown
28:48 Dollar to lose reserve currency status soon?
34:03 Watch the bond market
38:22 Confidence in the fiat Ponzi scheme is ending
47:36 Exit strategy for precious metals

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