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Your Invisible Twin Created At Birth

As a child, you have had an imaginary friend. You may be surprised to learn that evidence exists
that you have had a make-believe twin from the time your mother and father permitted a Birth
Certificate to be filed for you. This make-believe friend is not real, but artificial. It is a straw
man, an artificial entity that has a name very similar to yours.

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The founder of the wealthy Rockefeller family said one his secrets to wealth was to “own nothing, but control everything”. In other words, always function from an aggregate relationship. Do not own the straw man; control the straw man. If you are not the beneficiary/owner of the straw man you are not liable for his debts or obligations.

If you are in control, you have the highest lien hold interest on the straw man; you must be paid before anyone else collects from the straw man, and you cannot go to jail for his misdoing. A look at the structure of the straw man entity shows the ownership/control relationship, and which position it is best to hold.

The preceding excerpts are from “Meet Your Strawman” by Moses Washington. Read the full document below. The information contained below is for educational purposes only and is not to be taken as legal advice.

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