GMO’s Revealed Documentary: Episode 1


EPISODE 1: FACT OR FICTION? Triple Board-Certified Dr. Zach Bush busts open the #1 myth about GMOs (so you won’t be fooled)… How the “dust bowl” and the Vietnam war poisoned today’s food… AND: The real reason GMOs pose such a serious threat to humans (it’s probably NOT what you think)

Vani Hari shares the exact steps you can take TODAY to protect your family from further exposure… AND how to start healing the damage already done by these foods.

Vani also shares how one chemical inside GMOs—that is known to cause cancer—has made its way into just about every food we eat.

Finally, Gunnar Lovelace will hand you a roadmap to change… How we can save the next generation from cancer and chronic-disease-riddled life we accept as “normal” AND: The ONE STEP you can take TODAY to reverse the toxic effects of GMO foods so your family can heal.  Episode Below



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