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What If You Can't Retire


"It's Time To Call It Quits, But You Can't. Now What?!"


Word in the financial advice community is that for a person to be financially successful, the object of the game is to save enough money, so that at age 65 (now age 67) you can retire, and have enough money to live off of without working at all.

Most of the financial advice out there is geared towards the above goal.  But, what if you are at that age and you can't retire?  Now what?

Well first of all, do you really want to retire?  You may not after this info.  Why?  Well… you see, studies (like the RP-2000 Mortality Study for example) have shown that people who are retired have much higher mortality rates than those who are still working (for men, nearly double)!  There are also indicators that the earlier you retire, the earlier you get Alzheimer’s! (1)(2)

You see, wo/man was put on earth to work, and work stoppage equals death!  Any object that stops moving will rust (and apparently that applies to the brain also).  So, why the big deal then about retirement if it just means that we will die? 

Truth is, the reason that retirement is so coveted is that most people hate their jobs!  Now, a lot of people, if you ask them if they HATE their jobs will say no.  They may say, "Well, it's ok... It pays the bills."  The truth is this, the way to know whether or not you hate your job is how you feel on Monday morning.  When you wake up Monday morning, are you raring to go?  And how do you feel when it is time to get off?  Relieved? 

Now of course, if you are doing your life's purpose, then you can't wait to get up in the morning, and often you can't get enough while working!  People who work their life's purpose can work all day and night.  And this, if done right, can allow for one to persevere and gain much wealth in the long run.  But most people are not.  The system is just not designed that way.  So, most people have to go to work a job daily.  And of course, this is probably the reason why most heart attacks happen on Monday morning! (1) (2)

Nevertheless, it is STILL shown that those who work, outlast those who don't.  Keep in mind also, that back in the good old days (just a few generations ago), most people worked until a few years before they retired. But then came social(ist?) security and “retirement age” in the 30’s.  And of course, this is a completely orgasmic experience for the corporations.  Why?  Because it gets those “old” people out of the work force (young, fresh and ambitious people who haven’t been worn out by the J.O.B. are much more productive) and it saves money (those new people of course have to be brought in on the lower end of the pay scale).  But anyway, moving right along...

So what does all this mean?  Have we been misled?  Should we not worry about accumulating wealth and just go with the flow and work until we die (or better yet, until our kids have to take care of us)?  Well, for your children's sake, I will say no.

You see, retiring wealthy can be a beautiful thing.  Most people who retire wealthy have the opportunity to lead active lives while not working at all.  They can travel the world go on expensive vacations, and develop expensive hobbies (although this is certainly not always the case).  From my experience, it's the majority of people, which are those who retire on just enough money to get by (or have their kids take care of them) who run into problems.  They often fall into a rut of sitting around all day doing nothing and just watching TV.  This causes brain death.  Have you ever heard of a person who has no life?  That person is dead.  So, for a quick tip, if you do retire, make sure that you develop some hobbies... please!

Now, the point of me saying all this is very simple.  If you are at the age of retirement, yet can't stop working completely, things may not be as bad as they seem.  So maybe you can...

1. Change Your Perspective

Unfortunately, a lot of people who reach a certain age and can’t retire feel as if they have failed and that is totally untrue.  That’s the reason that I have given this previous information.  There is nothing wrong with staying productive.  It will keep you alive. 

Don’t focus on what you can’t do or haven’t done.  Go out and do what you can!  Find something that you love to do.  You can make it into a hobby or maybe even start a little business on the side doing it and bring in some extra income.  You see, when you do what you love to do, it’s not work.  But now in order to do this, you may have to...

2. Work Less

Ok, so maybe you can’t stop working completely, but maybe you can switch to something part time or cut back on your hours.  Maybe you can try to phase out your work schedule as you get older instead of quitting on the spot. 

Working less can give you the best of both worlds.  You can still have some income coming in, and still have some extra time off to do some things that you want to do or have always wanted to do.

It’s a darn shame that most people don’t really think about living a life they WANT to live until they get closer to the end of their life.  But it’s never too late to start!  Now you may be thinking, “I don’t have enough money to cut back on my job!”  Well, then you may want to...   

3.  Cut Your Expenses

Do you still live in a big ole 4 bedroom house (that you haven’t paid off yet) by yourself even though all of the family has moved out?  Consider selling it and moving into something smaller.  I know that one hurts and I know it’s nice to have a place where everyone can come and stay on those few occasions AND I know the home has sentimental value, but maybe it’s time to be realistic.

Personal finance is personal finance (before, during or after retirement).  I say this because, if you cut down on your expenses, you can often save enough money to go on some vacations, travel, work less and do some of the other things that you have always wanted to do!  So even though you may not be able to drive the fanciest car and live in the biggest house, you can still be very happy. 

No matter what kind of car you drive or what type of house you live in, you will eventually get used to them and they will become non existent.  But those car and house notes will still be there.  On the other hand, moments are what will stick with you forever.  And you’ve still got time, so go and seize as many of them as you can.

Hope this has been helpful,

So until next time,

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Matt Mason

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