Proactive Finance 101

I woke up one morning and I realized that I needed a change. I had been getting up in the same way day after day for so long there was a track in my carpet and a dent in my chair and kitchen table where I always drank coffee and sat, still, fading the brain away until it was 8:08 and I got up to drive the fifteen minutes to my work. There were times I literally got to work and did not recall a single thing about the drive to work. If you know that feeling, you know that it’s a little scary. I mean, we don’t live infinitely, or if we do, then that’s great but I don’t think we do because then we’d all be working on our first lives and that’s too great of a coincidence.

So I woke up and sort of snapped to, like awaking from a dream, a very lucid dream, but a dream nonetheless. Instead of going to work, I decided to find a mba admissions consultant and ask them to help me start a new way, and get quickly into a new schooling program that could really lead me to greatness. The folks at, the place I found by using the world wide web, made the whole process quite simple, and that’s what I needed. Being someone who needed my brain to basically be restarted, I wasn’t ready to wade through all the details about applying to an MBA program, I really wanted to be told what to do, led to water if you know what I’m saying. Not because I’m dumb or lazy, but because I knew I had to get this next chapter started while I was feeling jazzed about it, a not let the weight of everyday life drag me back down and down and down.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen, because I was coaxed through the process by It really made all the difference.

Originally posted 2014-08-09 00:15:05.