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Well ladies and gentleman…  Today, it’s time to get out the shovel so that we can move some of the debris that exist in the minds of the masses.

Yes, we have all been told a lie.  And this lie is holding us back.  So today I want to expose this lie, and maybe it can change your perspective.  Because things are not always what they seem.

And They Lived Happily Ever After


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Originally posted 2014-10-07 19:40:46.

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  1. author
    Ms. M5 years ago

    This article made me non my head in agreement. How many times have I heard people try to be tough and mimic lines they have heard from movies? I turn on my tv and all I see on the three movie channels I get are a plateful of violence, from sunrise to sunset, people killing each other, and mostly movies about law enforcement getting the bad guys, which of course the police rarely are portrayed as being part of a corrupt system they are the good guys, and they use violence because the law won’t allow them to really enforce the law which they love more than their own lives.

    It becomes so boring and trite and repetitive, so violence and hate become the norm. The happy ending of comedies always have the protagonist chasing the blond woman, the blond woman is always the prize for the hero at the end of the story. You forgot to mention the extreme racism in tv in those happy endings.

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