Is It Good to Pay Off a Mortgage Early?



In my last article, I ended by saying that I don’t believe in paying your house off early. Today I will explain why I think what I think. Yes, we all know debt is a terrible thing! So shouldn’t it make sense that we should want to pay our houses off?

I urge you to consider this material. Things are not always what they seem.



Does the rising prices on Gas, Groceries and everything else have you worried that you won’t be able to meet your financial obligations? Worry No More!


Originally posted 2013-07-28 17:01:44.

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  1. author
    Scott L. DeGuise8 years ago

    You apparently do not know a thing about investing, the typical investment of 12%, did you pull that out of your a** of what. Good luck on finding such an investment. I would suggest paying off your mortgage. Most mortgages are front heavy and are all interest. Not impressed!

  2. author
    Free Your Mind (Author)8 years ago

    Well Scott,

    I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t write this post to impress you or I would be completely out of luck.

    As far as getting 12% on an investment… only a person who doesn’t know any better would have to be “lucky” to find an investment that is over 12%. Especially when this type of information is publicly available.

    And I clearly stated in my article that based on the numbers, the person who pays the minimum on a house note and invest the rest will ALWAYS have more money in the end, unless the % that they get on their investment is lower than their mortgage interest rate, minus inflation and minus the tax deduction. So you don’t even need anywhere near 12% to justify my argument.

    But I appreciate your suggestion

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