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Youth Financial Literacy

Youth Financial Literacy

One of the biggest investments that you can make is not one of monetary value, but the investment in your children’s knowledge.

It can pay off for you personally and more importantly it can lead to a legacy.  Consider the following info.

Youth Financial Literacy


Sometimes you may hear the expression, “Your money is not worth the paper that it is printed on.” THIS IS TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY (not figuratively). Learn to invest in precious metals and keep your wealth.

Investing In Gold And Silver

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  • The next step to when personal finance budgeting will be to compile a list of both your assets and your liabilities. With this step in the budgeting release schemes process we are trying to evaluate your net worth. You simply need to make a list of what you own, assign each item a number as to what it could be sold for, or its current worth, and subtract from this list what you owe.

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