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The Personal Finance Checklist

Ok… Allow me to step off of conspiracy island for a few moments and get into some basic principles about finance. Pretty much everybody on the planet knows that in order to reach financial independence, you have to save money, get rid of debt, and invest wisely. But very seldom are we told the order in which to do so.

Should you save your money first, get rid of debt first, or invest right away? Today I will give you the specific steps, start to finish, that I believe are the best ways to achieve stability.



Become Debt Free In as Little as 3-5 Years Guaranteed or your money back!


Originally posted 2008-02-18 18:57:09.

One Comment on “The Personal Finance Checklist”
  1. portfolio manager 26th November 2009 6:00 am

    i like your idea and strategies really nice information about the personal finance check list

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