At this point, it’s almost guaranteed that you can make two assumptions correctly about most Americans: we all need more money and we all watch Game of Thrones. But what do these two facts have to do with each other? At face value, it seems like nothing, but in truth, there are some helpful financial lessons that we can all learn from the hit fantasy television show.

While the people of Westeros and beyond seem to have much more pressing matters on their plate than whether or not they have enough money to pay back student loans, they certainly find ways to get by with their heads intact (mostly). For us, the lesson here is to be creative: a raise just isn’t going to magically appear out of nowhere, which means that making money is going to come about by saving money.

There are all kinds of expensive habits we all have, whether it’s a morning coffee addiction or the need to repeatedly throw costly royal wedding ceremonies. Finding ways to cut back on these unnecessary expenditures is a great way to add a little more coin to the coffers.

If you want to see just how being more (or in some cases, less) like a Game of Thrones character can save you money, check out this graphic, provided by!

Originally posted 2014-06-19 22:12:27.