Welcome to today’s edition of, “That’s What You Get For Serving Your Country!”  If you watched the Documentary, From Freedom To Fascism (Aaron Russo), you remember seeing a clip about Joe Lewis (The Brown Bomber), an American hero who donated the proceeds of his fights to the American military, only die broke, as the IRS taxed him on money that he never received.  A lot of folks would think that the IRS shouldn’t do such things.  But then again, according to U.S. Attorney’s, the IRS is not an American federal institution, so they don’t care about a person serving America, they just want their money.

But here is another story of interest.  If you go to, or send your kids to war to fight, they may end up being a victim of illegal foreclosure.  In this video, find out the history of how banks lose documents, refuse to process payments and report false credit information in an attempt to seize the property of those in the service.

Originally posted 2014-04-01 20:52:28.