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Dave Ramsey vs. Robert Kiyosaki

      Two heavyweights in the financial world with two different views of personal finance. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? Which one of these gurus gives you the correct path for you to reach financial freedom? In this video on personal finance wisdom brought to you by Phil Pustejovsky, you will Continue Reading

The Correlation Between Water and Money

      What is the correlation between money and water? Djehuty Ma’at-Ra of demonstrates how our current money system is predicated on the nature of water. More info on currency below. [ic_google_news refresh=”every day at 10:00″ order=”random” loop=”2″ keyword=”currency”] Originally posted 2013-09-18 14:58:28. Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet Continue Reading

Is The Stock Market Rigged?

      Some say that it is! This is a controversial subject with strong reaction from both sides. In this clip, Michael Lewis (author of Flash Boys: Wall Street Revolt) explains how the market is rigged for the benefit of the insiders. It’s a cold game out there family. It’s no wonder why the Continue Reading

Why Investing on a Property is a Good Financial Decision

Even in the wake of the Great Recession, the real estate market remains one of the absolute best investments that a savvy investor can make with his or her expendable income. Although the news and the paid talking heads were full of (and are still full of) information about how the price of housing is Continue Reading

Can You Buy Real Estate With No Cash or Credit?

  Investing in real estate (and no, I don’t mean “home ownership”) is a very viable way to increase your income. However, there are some major obstacles to doing so. One is your credit, and another is finding the money to put down on a loan. But what if there was a way to purchase Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Steps for Making Large Investments

    Winning the lottery is a curse in disguise. Many lottery winners go into a spending frenzy, leading them on the path to bankruptcy. Whether you win the lottery, strike business fortune or receive an inheritance, large influxes of cash can build your wealth and then destroy it. Protect your finances and prevent squandering Continue Reading

The Silver Bomb

        Here’s an new interview with Michael McDonald co-author of the new book ‘The Silver Bomb: Beyond the Return of Metal as Money’. This book is a comprehensive and shocking must-read, especially for folks to whom this information is new – and for folks who feel so beaten up by the Bankster Continue Reading

Matt Mason’s Interview With

  Recently I was contacted about doing an expert interview as part of the Personal Finance Interview Series on I really appreciated the opportunity. Below is the discussion that took place. The dialogue was on “Why You Need To Invest.” However the interview was much more comprehensive than that. Among subjects discussed were; common Continue Reading

Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Richdad financial freedom now

Robert Kiyosaki the famous Richdad author uncovers some secrets of the wealthy. This is a great introduction on how pertinent it is to develop and build sales skills. Escape of the rat race now! More information on Robert Kiyosaki below [ic_bing_news refresh=”every day at 6:30″ order=”random” loop=”rand(2-3)” keyword=”Robert Kiyosaki”] Originally posted 2012-10-23 16:04:43. Digg this Continue Reading

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