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Dave Ramsey vs. Robert Kiyosaki

      Two heavyweights in the financial world with two different views of personal finance. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? Which one of these gurus gives you the correct path for you to reach financial freedom? In this video on personal finance wisdom brought to you by Phil Pustejovsky, you will Continue Reading

Economic Armageddon Preparation

  Since we are headed for an economic collapse, it is important that all of us learn to survive without needing much money at all. I’m going to share some things with you that save my family over $1000 a year in bills. Toilet Paper is Win200 (windsoft) – Free shipping. Cheapest I’ve found. (24,000 Continue Reading

Teaching Kids About Money

We here at Free Your Mind Online just love the kids!! Therefore, today we are going to get into some more ways that the parents out there can give their children the head start and the jump start that they need in order to achieve financial success later on in life. _________________________________________________ Learn how to Continue Reading

Credit Cards Good or Bad?

    Is using credit cards good or bad.  That IS the question.  Credit card debt is of course a bad thing.  But what if you pay off your balance every month and earn reward points.  Credit cards can be a good thing if used properly… right? In this clip from the Dave Ramsey show, Continue Reading

Hidden Currency Exchange Fees Exposed

      Download this complimentary guide on which money transfer services you can use (cheaper than PayPal!) whenever you are sending money abroad. Get it here! About the Author: Rob Rawson is a co-founder of a global recruitment platform (, where you can find talented staff at affordable rates. They also have Time Doctor Continue Reading

Being Bamboozled Out of Property Taxes?… Are you paying too much in property taxes? If you own a home, or own a property, then you pay property tax. But are you paying too much? There is a good chance that you are. But how do you know? In this video, Phil Pustejovsky (of shows how property taxes are Continue Reading

30 Ways To Save Gas

      Brought to you by Consumer Reporter, Asa Aarons. This video contains tips on how to save gas money. And while each way may save you a small amount, using all of them can add up to significant savings. Car maintenance, air filter, do it yourself, check for error / damages, winter summer Continue Reading

Automate Your Personal Finances

  Personal finance in and of itself is not really a difficult thing to master. But it can be tedious. And unfortunately, most people just don’t want to deal with it (cutting coupons, balancing checkbooks, etc.). But what if you could do all of this on autopilot? In this short video, Ramit Sethi (author of Continue Reading

Frugality is Dangerous!

A while back, I wrote an article admonishing those who had the idea that being frugal somehow meant not living life to the fullest and hoarding money.  Today, I would like to talk about the “Other Side” of Frugality.  You see, frugality is a beautiful thing, but it can also be dangerous! What do I Continue Reading

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