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How To Manage Your Bills While Traveling Abroad

      How To Manage Your Bills While Traveling Abroad   When we travel, it’s imperative that our finances travel with us, usually in the typical forms of cash, debit cards or credit cards. When we’re overseas, there isn’t a great deal that changes when it  comes to purchasing things; we still need to Continue Reading

Summerizing Your Home

From summarize verb (summarize, ing) 1. To prepare a summary of something. 2. To give a recapitulation of the salient facts; to recapitulate or review. From summerize verb (summeriz, ing) 1. To prepare ones living space to be more cost effective during scorching hot summer months. Today I would like to talk about Continue Reading

The Conspiracy of Home Loanership

Stop making your landlord rich. Start investing in you. Purchase a home and build real wealth for you and your family. Yes, we’ve all heard it before. It is a fact that the majority of American’s house is their biggest investment. However, it is also fact that the majority of Americans are strapped. I urge Continue Reading

Identity Theft Recovery

The following is the most comprehensive guide to identity theft recovery available online. If you or someone you know has had their identity stolen, pay attention to the following material, because it can help you immensely. _________________________________________________ Only $2.00?  Seriously?  With the following spreadsheets plus the bonuses, you can stay on top of your money, Continue Reading

Going on Vacation? Be Vigilant, Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    Identity theft affects almost 15 million Americans a year, according to Summer vacationers are prime targets, usually because they are less guarded with their behavior both online and off. When you’re out of town, you may not always get online using a secure wireless network. At home, mail and other deliveries can Continue Reading

Ex-Conman Exposes Facebook

      Ex-conman Frank Abagnale warns how Facebook users risk identity theft. Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: At Advertising Week Europe Frank Abagnale warns of the dangers Facebook users face of identity theft through the information they provide as well as through misuse of face recognition software. The 65-year-old, whose 1960s scams were Continue Reading

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