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Federal Housing Finance Agency Stops Home Ownership!

  Ladies and Gentlemen: The Federal Housing Finance Agency is supposed to be there to preserve home ownership in America. However, the FHFA is “subsidizing” something that has nothing to do with someone owning a home. In this clip, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) puts the FHFA on blast and questions why we follow a policy Continue Reading

Should You Buy A Home or Rent?

To all of my faithful subscribers, you are certainly familiar with the very first article that you received once you subscribed to Free Your Mind Online. This article was The Conspiracy of Home Loanership. There are a lot of people who have gotten the idea that I am against buying a home and I certainly Continue Reading

Numismatic Vs Bullion Coins

  If you are looking to prepare yourself against an economic collapse, then obviously purchasing precious metals (like silver and gold) is one of the best ways to do so. But when it comes to purchasing coins, which kind should you get? Should you buy bullion coins, or should you invest in numismatics (collector’s items Continue Reading

C.I.A. Takeover of Bitcoin?

      Right now, Bitcoin is one of the most controversial subjects in the financial community. Thoughts range from Bitcoin being the “One World Currency” and/or “Mark of the Beast” conspiracy to Bitcoin being the great liberator of mankind from the clutches of central bankers and our corrupt governments. Now while the concept of Continue Reading

And They Lived Happily Ever After

    Well ladies and gentleman…  Today, it’s time to get out the shovel so that we can move some of the debris that exist in the minds of the masses. Yes, we have all been told a lie.  And this lie is holding us back.  So today I want to expose this lie, and Continue Reading

The Personal Finance Checklist

Ok… Allow me to step off of conspiracy island for a few moments and get into some basic principles about finance. Pretty much everybody on the planet knows that in order to reach financial independence, you have to save money, get rid of debt, and invest wisely. But very seldom are we told the order Continue Reading

The Government Will Steal Your Coins!

Everybody at this point (even “non conspiracy theorists”) knows that the U.S. Dollar is going down the tubes because of the Federal Reserve. This is why there is a move towards precious metal investing. You can’t print silver and gold. But even though purchasing precious metals is a wise thing to do, what happens when Continue Reading

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