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The Government Will Steal Your Coins!

Everybody at this point (even “non conspiracy theorists”) knows that the U.S. Dollar is going down the tubes because of the Federal Reserve. This is why there is a move towards precious metal investing. You can’t print silver and gold.

But even though purchasing precious metals is a wise thing to do, what happens when the U.S. Government “confiscates” your coins and bars? And what is the U.S. Government already stealing from you?




How To Manage Your Bills While Traveling Abroad


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How To Manage Your Bills While Traveling Abroad

When we travel, it’s imperative that our finances travel with us, usually in the typical forms of cash, debit cards or credit cards. When we’re overseas, there isn’t a great deal that changes when it  comes to purchasing things; we still need to continue to purchase food and lodging (at least), therefore, the conventional methods still apply.

The question is, how do we do this safely and manage our finances well while traveling abroad?

Even though the methods we use don’t really change, our mindset should change, depending on where we go. In certain countries, identity theft is far more common than it is in the United States, thus using a credit card is ill-advised.

However, at the same time, there are places where carrying cash is more risky. It all depends on the place you’re going and what you can expect in terms of risk.

You’ve got to assess that risk yourself, but regardless of where you’re going, here are a few overall best practices that you can use to manage your finances effectively while you’re traveling overseas:

1. Diversify — It’s not a good idea to have all your money in one spot while you’re traveling abroad. If at all possible, keep the bulk of your funds in a high-interest savings account, while keeping whatever you need for your trip in a checking account or as cash in hand.

If someone is able to get access to your cash or checking account, at least they won’t be able to wipe you out completely.

2. Protect your cash — If you do decide to use cash, make sure you only take on the trip what you’ll need, with maybe a little extra. Likewise, when you leave your hotel or wherever you’re staying, only take the cash you’ll need for that outing.

Carrying a lot of cash increases the risk of losing it, therefore, it will be more likely to catch the eye of people looking to rip you off.

3. Protect your pin numbers — Don’t feel bad about covering up your pin number when you’re making a purchase or using an ATM. It’s highly unlikely that anyone who isn’t looking over your shoulder trying to spot your pin number before they swipe your card, is even going to care.

Your pin number is one of those things that you should take extra precaution to protect when you’re out of the country, since many countries don’t have a high level of security when it comes to credit or debit cards. As far as sound, overseas credit card advice goes, this is one of the best (and simplest) things you can do to protect yourself.

4. Planning your expenses — As much as you can, try and plan your expenses before you go on your trip. It’s never possible to plan for every single encounter and cost, but try and draw up a ballpark, then plan to allocate a little more than that (just in case). If you go into the trip with only what you need, you’ll be a poor candidate for thievery, and you’ll have less to lose in the event that something does go wrong.

Being Conservative

The best overall strategy for managing your money when you’re outside of the country you’re familiar with is to consolidate, keep it simple and stay as conservative as possible.

That’s not to say that you should skip out on aspects of your trip that would require you to spend money, but instead, simply plan for those events, and know ahead of time where you want your money to be, and where you plan for it to go.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional in Southern California who works with HostPapa to help others learn how to take full advantage of available online resources. As a frequent traveler, she always makes sure to take the right steps to protect her finances from getting into the wrong hands. Follow her on Twitter today!

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Financial Dope Dealers

In this exclusive, unedited interview, Steven Brill explains the large discrepancy between what hospitals charge and what medical services actually cost.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

More on pharmaceuticals below.

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IRA – Individual Ripoff Account


Have you heard this before? Save money on your taxes by putting as much money as possible in a Qualified plan or a Tax Sheltered account, like a traditional IRA. Never pay taxes on money you don’t plan to spend. Keep that money from Uncle Sam and let the money grow tax free.

Is this really true? Come explore with me today the truth about IRAs that you may not know. Things are not always as they seem.



Easily multiply your savings with as much free cash as you can handle. Billions are available for U.S. and Canada residents


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The Rule of 72 Formula


AH YES, the Rule of 72. A lot of people have heard about it. Some people know what it is. Fewer people understand what it really means! But most importantly only the elite ever get to apply it for their benefit.

Whatever category you think you are in, you may want to pay attention. I will present this in a way that it has never been presented before.



Is your home about to go into foreclosure? Learn how to stop foreclosure and save your credit!


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One World Economic Order?

“The Conspiracy Theorist Were Right!”

Ladies and Gentlemen: You can vote for whoever you please (that is your right). But what happens when the U.S. economy falls underneath a “one world economic order”?

Delusional conspiracy theorists have been warning about a “One World” Government structure for some time now. And in the early years, this may have seemed far fetched. But where they right all along?

According to Dick Morris, international bankers are using the United Nations to create new world regulations to control the American economic system. Will the Federal Reserve and the S.E.C fall under the control of the International Monetary Fund (a system of the U.N.)?




The Hottest Investment In 2014?


The Best Investment In 2014?

This video was up in 2009. However, the information still holds true to this very day. Robert Kiyosaki (author of Conspiracy of The Rich) explains, why the U.S. dollar is trash, why Obama can’t do anything about it, and why this precious metal is the best thing that you can invest in today.

More info in investing below.

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The Reason Why You’re Broke Is “Trust”



We trust the banks. We trust what our financial planners tell us. We trust our government. We trust “broke” rage firms. We even trust the stock market. And unfortunately in the world we live in today, blind trust will destroy you.

Now, I’m not trying to discourage you or get you to become pessimistic. I’m also not trying to get you to stick your life savings under your mattress. But in order to be successful, I believe that our blind trust of our financial system, as well as the lack of trust in ourselves must be re-evaluated.

One of the reasons that I believe in buying physical commodities (like silver), is because you possess that money. It’s yours. It’s in your hands. When you invest your money in the financial system (stock market, banks etc.) you only have theoretical money. You are trusting in them to deliver to you what shows up on your computer screen or your bank statement.

Obviously you can’t carry all of your assets on and with you. But you certainly may want to carry some. In the following video, Lauren Lyster of Capital Account explores how 200 million dollars can go up in smoke.

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Is Power Wallet Safe? The Online App Review

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Power Wallet Review

As I have said many times in the past; the number one step in your financial game plan is your cash flow plan (a.k.a. your budget).  It is the very foundation of your personal finances.  Your finances are never safe without this.  So with that being said, I would like to speak about one of the ways I use which is available to put together a detailed cash flow plan.  Today I’m going to talk about an online service called PowerWallet.

Power Wallet is an online app that allows you to put together a customized budget, manage your monthly expenses, and get an overview of your financial picture. It’s free, and it’s really quick and easy to join. You just provide the following info:

Email Address
Zip Code

Click here if you would like to get started now.

The Dashboard

Once you join, you will add your financial accounts (PowerWallet makes this easy to do as it has a search feature). You can add checking, saving, credit card, bank and investment accounts.  Now, instead of having to log into all of your different accounts to check balances and transactions, you will have all of your accounts accessible in one place.

This will allow you to have an overall view of your finances. This includes a view of your financial accounts, your monthly income and spending, any upcoming bills, and any recent transactions you’ve made. Below is a sample view of the dashboard

Power Wallet's Dashboard View

Transaction Page

After your accounts are in, you can now view all of your transactions.  The Power Wallet app will automatically categorize your transactions (income and expenses). If something is put into the wrong category, you can easily recategorize the transaction yourself.  And the next time, PowerWallet will remember that transaction type’s category.  So it will take some time in the beginning (recategorizing transactions), but once you get through it, it will pretty much be smooth sailing from that point forth.  You can also add keywords to certain transactions, and then search for a group of transactions based on that keyword later on.

Budget Page

On this page (labeled “My Plan”), you create your own monthly budget.  What you do here is go through and tell the system how much money (expected spending amounts) will be allocated to each of the categories that you have set up.  PowerWallet’s flexibility allows you to budget your spending from month to month, or for longer terms if you like.

It may take a couple of months for you to monitor this and see exactly what you spend and where you spend it. That in turn will allow you to see where you may need to curtail your spending and also where you may have an opportunity to save some extra money.

Below is a sample of PowerWallet’s Budget Page

Power Wallet's Budget Page

Cash Flow Page

This is where the rubber meets the road.  This page is your overall monthly financial picture.  Here, you can monitor your cash flow (inflow – outflow = money leftover) in real time.  Obviously, your objective is to be in the positive.

Below is a sample of PowerWallet’s Cash Flow page.

Power Wallet's Cash Flow Tab

Interactive Calendar

Finally, you will also have access to a calendar.  This calendar has a build in alert function that features bill reminders, and alerts on low balances, large purchases and when fees get charged. These alerts will show up on your dashboard.  You can customize these alerts, and have them emailed to you if you like.

So if you are one that has trouble keeping track, this can make it easy for you.  And a feature like this can also be important because paying bills on time play a major role in your credit rating.

Below is  sample of PowerWallet’s Calendar view.

Power Wallet's Interactive Calendar

So this is a basic overview of what PowerWallet is, and how it can work for you.

PowerWallet vs. Mint, HelloWallet & Others

Now there are a lot of similar budgeting programs out there like Mint, HelloWallet, Personal Capital, YNAB (You Need a Budget) and more (with Mint being the most established). Each of these programs do a lot of the same things (some programs may be strong in certain aspects, and weaker in others and vice versa).

However, Power Wallet (the new kid on the block) proposes to have a leg up on the competition because it also allows you to save additional money by taking advantage not only of coupons, but also daily deals that are based upon where you are located.  This is why they ask for your zip code when you join.

On your budget (my plan) page you will see listings with special offers next to some of the categories that you have set up. This will show you personalized deals based on where you are located.  This is the reason they ask for your zip code when you join.

You can browse shopping offers, get rewards points (although I’m not sure how rewards points can be redeemed), and also receive daily deals.  The daily deals feature will show you daily deals from sites like Living social, Amazon Local, Groupon etc.  And in the offers section, you can receive special offers on a variety of things including food, clothing and electronics.

All of this can be a blessing and a curse.  So use this with caution.  Getting a deal on something that you were not going to purchase is not a deal.  So if you get carried away with all of these saving functions, you can end up spending more money.  However, if you use it wisely, you can benefit greatly from it.

The PowerWallet App

As of right now, you can access your account from your Smartphone’s browser, and the company promises that soon there will be a PowerWallet Iphone app as well as an Android app.

Is PowerWallet Safe?

This is the million dollar question.  Is PowerWallet secure?  Or better yet, exactly how safe and/or secure is it?  One of the big concerns with any online money management system is security.  Many people shy away from these programs because they don’t feel secure having an online system access their financial accounts. This is a legitimate concern.

Power Wallet has addressed safety in the best way that it can be addressed (in my opinion). It utilizes some of the industry’s top monitoring, systems including Comodo WebInspector, Comodo and TRUSTe. And the site also goes through daily testing to ensure maximum protection against hackers, identity theft, spyware, viruses and other online threats.

More importantly, it is a “read only” service.  Because of this, even if someone were to access your account, they would never be able to access your money as you cannot transfer money through PowerWallet.  Also, you have the option of entering your accounts manually.  Now of course, doing this will be more tedious.  But it wouldn’t be any more tedious than doing a manual budget on your own.

Well ladies and gentleman, this has been my review of the PowerWallet app.  I do believe that it is a great way for you to take control of your personal finances.  This is the reason that I use it, and promote it.  And for those looking for the the Iphone and Android apps, I will update this page as soon as I find out they come available (or you will certainly be alerted when you join).

Like I said at the beginning; having a cash flow plan is STEP ONE in moving from where you are to a state of financial security.  So whatever method you choose to use, make sure you take this step!  If you want to give PowerWallet a try, then click on the photo below and give it a whirl.

Power Wallet - The Best Free Online Budget Tool On The Market Today

And until next time,

Free Your Mind… Online


Matt Mason




Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve

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Alan Greenspan allegedly was not happy about this 1996 movie. Watch it, and you can certainly understand why.  This is history and economics as they are meant to be: fascinating, informative, and motivating.

This documentary is dedicated to Murray N. Rothbard,  and features Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell.  This extraordinary documentary is one the clearest, most compelling explanations ever offered on the Federal Reserve Bank.


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