Credit Bureaus PROFIT From Your Bad Credit!Don’t Just Accept Your Bad Credit Score! Work To Improve It With This Simple Ideas!Credit Repair Services Offered By Garranteed Solutions.What Are The Names of The 3 Major Credit BureausCredit Repair Service to Restore Bad Credit ScoreValve Received "F" from Better Business Bureau - TechRaptorChanges at the Credit Bureau Level! You need to know this…Don’t Just Accept Your Bad Credit Score! Work To Improve It With This Simple Ideas!What Are The Names of The 3 Major Credit BureausCredit Repair Service to Restore Bad Credit Score
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Use The BBB To Improve Your Credit

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Credit Repair is a very controversial subject. Many believe that it’s a scam and/or unethical. But there are a lot of companies out there that have been in business for a long while who work with people to improve their scores. You can of course challenge and have items removed yourself. But this is often easier said than done (as credit bureaus profit from bad credit).
One tactic that you can use to help improve your credit is use the Better Business Bureau to help you improve your score. Remember, big business is all about the bottom line, and the threat of a bad BBB report can stop evil creditors in their tracks. This video explores the proper way to use the BBB to get results.




This Is Where Your Taxes Go

Do you support the war… or excuse me… our wars?  This is a very interesting and disturbing video about where taxes go, and how much money we as a country spend every year for military purposes.

More info on taxes below.

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Why Investing on a Property is a Good Financial Decision

How Supermarkets Make You Buy

Even in the wake of the Great Recession, the real estate market remains one of the absolute best investments that a savvy investor can make with his or her expendable income.

Although the news and the paid talking heads were full of (and are still full of) information about how the price of housing is down from their 1990s – turn of the century highs, the savvy investor knows that these prices were inflated in the first place. Real estate can be off from the highs of the housing bubble and still remain a fully justifiable, completely profitable investment.

As a matter of fact, the Great Recession may have actually improved the profitability of real estate over the long term. As recessions historically tend to consolidate resources, anyone with cash on hand to purchase properties stands to make a great deal for themselves when the economy returns to normal and the middle class is set to begin purchasing real estate again (because they will have to purchase it from you).

There are many reasons aside from the short-term financial gains for the savvy investor to choose real estate. Some of these reasons will be detailed below.

One – Real estate retains its value in terms of utility.

Even if the real estate market fluctuates in the short term, assuming that you do not fall far behind on your mortgage payments, your real estate is still good in terms of rental income or just having a place to stay. People never talk about the utility value of an asset and how it adds to the comfort level of an investor, allowing him or her to make better decisions on other investments.

Two – Real estate will become more valuable as the population of the world increases.

The population of the world is expected to add more than 2 billion people in the next 50 years. Real estate as a generational wealth gathering option becomes a real possibility in this scenario.

The amount of land on the Earth is not increasing. As land becomes more and more needed, the price of real estate will go up because of the basic supply vs. demand Economics 101 argument.

ThreeMortgage loan lenders will become less and less likely to give mortgage loans to people who do not already have a history of successfully purchasing properties.

If you want to have all the credit that you could ever dream of, make sure that you are invested in the real estate market. This opens up lines of credit that people who are not homeowners will never have access to. If you need money, you can take out a line of credit on your real estate directly or use the property as leverage to prove your creditworthiness in an outside line of credit.

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Cocaine Banking


Cocaine Banking

In a famous skit from Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle Show,” Rick James stated that Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug! Today on Free Your Mind Online, I would like to confirm that this is true. Right now it is estimated that 22-25 million people have tried cocaine, and 5,000 adults will try cocaine for the first time every day. The list of cocaine addicts include comedians, actors, singers, rappers, and of course… YOUR BANK!

What really caused the 2008 crash? Why is the “war on drugs” failing so miserably? In the 9 minute clip above, Max Keiser of the Keiser Report exposes the connection between Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and major drug cartels. Check out this short clip. The information will shock you.

More info on Wall Street and Banking below.

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Can You Buy Real Estate With No Cash or Credit?

Investing in real estate (and no, I don’t mean “home ownership”) is a very viable way to increase your income. However, there are some major obstacles to doing so. One is your credit, and another is finding the money to put down on a loan.

But what if there was a way to purchase real estate with no cash, and no credit check? In this lecture, delivered at the University of Central Florida Real Estate School, Phil Pustejovsky explains how you can do just that. If you are interested in investing in real estate, this is well worth your time.




A Beginner’s Steps for Making Large Investments


Large Investment

Winning the lottery is a curse in disguise. Many lottery winners go into a spending frenzy, leading them on the path to bankruptcy. Whether you win the lottery, strike business fortune or receive an inheritance, large influxes of cash can build your wealth and then destroy it. Protect your finances and prevent squandering all your assets with the following tips that will help you grow your fortune.

Financial Stabilization

Prior to an investment, stabilize your finances and eliminate debts. Stop ignoring outstanding debts, pay down debts with high interest rates and make sure you have a savings fund to cover you in an emergency. Keep in mind that some investments can’t be quickly retrieved, at least not without a big financial hit. Once you put funds in, you shouldn’t touch them until the investment period is up.

Investment Timeframe

Different investments are ideal for different lengths of time. For example, if you plan to invest your funds for retirement, your approach will be different than for a five-year plan.

Investment periods are broken down into short, medium and long-term approaches. Long-term investing focuses on your retirement years. In this case, you’d consider investing in a Roth IRA, an annuity or another fund that delivers returns during retirement. Medium-term plans include a 10-to-15-year window. A college fund for children or a fund to pay off your mortgage are typical medium-term plans. Short-term is typically five years or less and grow funds for a home down payment, car purchase or major upcoming expenses. Determine the goals of your investment, and then you can identify funds that best serve your financial needs.

Investment Types

Keep in mind you don’t have to commit to a single type of investment. A large sum of money could include a combination of stocks, bonds, IRAs, annuities, and other investment assets. Don’t feel limited to narrowing your options down to specific accounts at this point. Focus on learning about your options and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Professional Consultations

Although you may want to handle your investments on your own, risk is great while managing a large sum of money. Even if you’re determined to make your own investment moves, CNN Money suggests it’s worth your time to sit down with an adviser or asset manager to discuss your situation and vision. As a precaution, CNN mentions “stay away from advisers who are looking to steer you into investment products that pay them high commissions (and hit you up for big fees).” Based on your experience and the feedback you’ve received, decide whether you want to continue with your current plan or enlist the help of an experienced professional.

Leah Gibson

Leah is a business reporter who watches the financial markets.

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How To Go Broke

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In the past I have spoken on things like how to become financially independent, but today I will talk about how to be broke! Why do I want to talk about this? It’s very simple.

There are some people who learn by being taught how to do something, and then there are others who learn by seeing what NOT to do. Read through this material carefully, and you may see yourself in it.



Written in easy-to-understand style, the book shows you easy-to-implement strategies that are guaranteed to help you maintain (or even improve) your standard of living while drastically cutting costs.


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Understanding Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans

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In this video, Shaun Humphries B. Admin, CFP reviews both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) pension plans. How they work and the pros and cons of each type of plan.

More info on pensions below.

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Hidden Currency Exchange Fees Exposed




Download this complimentary guide on which money transfer services you can use (cheaper than PayPal!) whenever you are sending money abroad. Get it here!

About the Author:

Rob Rawson
Rob Rawson is a co-founder of a global recruitment platform (, where you can find talented staff at affordable rates. They also have Time Doctor which is a software you can use to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when you are working from home.
Rob lives in Sydney, Australia but he can also be seen in major cities around the globe, like San Francisco, Kiev, or Paris. Find Rob on Google +




The Silver Bomb



Here’s an new interview with Michael McDonald co-author of the new book ‘The Silver Bomb: Beyond the Return of Metal as Money’. This book is a comprehensive and shocking must-read, especially for folks to whom this information is new – and for folks who feel so beaten up by the Bankster cartel’s paper games that they’re ready to bail on the physical silver story altogether. “$500+ silver IS coming” says Michael, “Million dollar silver is even possible when measured in worthless dollars”.

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Credit Bureaus PROFIT From Your Bad Credit!Don’t Just Accept Your Bad Credit Score! Work To Improve It With This Simple Ideas!Credit Repair Services Offered By Garranteed Solutions.What Are The Names of The 3 Major Credit BureausCredit Repair Service to Restore Bad Credit ScoreValve Received "F" from Better Business Bureau - TechRaptorChanges at the Credit Bureau Level! You need to know this…Don’t Just Accept Your Bad Credit Score! Work To Improve It With This Simple Ideas!What Are The Names of The 3 Major Credit BureausCredit Repair Service to Restore Bad Credit Score

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