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Hidden Currency Exchange Fees Exposed

Do you know how much money they’re taking?

When you send money to another country, you’re not always sending as much as you think.

Let me show you some of the different fees that are being taken from you as you send money across the globe using services like PayPal.

The cheapest legitimate transfer method on PayPal is “Mass Pay”. This is an easy way to pay several people at once by uploading a CSV spreadsheet of all the payment amounts. The cost is usually 2% to a maximum of $20 for offshore payments.

There are also global payments that PayPal charges for their currency conversion fee which is actually a hidden fee. We have found that this fee comes out to be about 2.5% of the money sent.

And finally, there may be additional fees that banks are charging your employees to withdraw the money from PayPal and transferring it to their personal bank accounts.

But this infographic isn’t just about PayPal.

Almost all services that you use to transfer money to your employees have hidden fees attached to it. We’ve essentially broken down the infographic into two parts.

In the top half, we’ve created a hypothetical scenario in which you send $5,000 to employees to the Phillipines. We break down how much airports, banks, credit cards, Western Union, PayPal, Moneygram, and Ria Money Transfer extract from you.

In the bottom half, we show you some of the higher exchange fees we’ve seen across multiple countries and payment platforms. (Note: These fees are once again based on transferring $5,000.)


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About the Author:

Rob RawsonRob Rawson is a co-founder of, a global recruitment platform where you can access very talented staff at affordable rates. They also have a technology called Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.Rob resides in Sydney, Australia but can also be found in major cities around the globe, like Paris, Kiev or San Francisco. Find Rob on Google Plus




Matt Mason’s Interview With


Personal Finance Blogs - Matt Mason's Interview

Recently I was contacted about doing an expert interview as part of the Personal Finance Interview Series on I really appreciated the opportunity. Below is the discussion that took place. The dialogue was on “Why You Need To Invest.” However the interview was much more comprehensive than that.

Among subjects discussed were; common mental stumbling blocks in personal finance, what aspect of personal finance everyone should know, why debt is so pervasive in today’s society and how to avoid it, what trends in personal finance we should keep and eye on, and much more.

Matt Mason's Interview


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Wanna Be Broke? Go To College!


ScholarSlip: The Student Debt Crisis

Determined to speak up about America’s crumbling higher education system, three students at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism rallied the voices of an indebted generation. The trio of aspiring journalists—Alex Lancial, Tara Molina and Jake Stein— produced a documentary entitled “Scholarslip”. The 26-minute production examines the student debt crisis in the United States and delves into issues local to Arizona.

Illustrated through the voices of student debtors as well as university and government policymakers, “Scholarslip” explores five critical issues: increasing costs of tuition; deteriorating quality of higher education; diminishing value of a college degree in the job market; student dependence on state and federal financial assistance; and the effects on personal lives and aspirations.

Lancial, Molina and Stein entered and documented the lives of three university students, each experiencing different personal and financial struggles yet sharing a common desire to pursue a college degree. Also featured are testimonies from John Kavanaugh, a representative in the Arizona legislature; Kent Hopkins, the Vice Provost of Enrollment at Arizona State University; and Natalia Abrams, a co-founder of Student Debt Crisis and Occupy Colleges.

“Scholarslip” presents a generation under siege, challenging a seemingly out-of-control system that is sending millions into interminable debt.

Alex Lancial: Director of Photography, Graphics Editor, Assistant Editor, Videographer, Assistant Producer
Tara Molina: Producer, Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, Videographer
Jake Stein: Director, Editor, Videographer, Assistant Producer

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Some Local Governments Make Collecting Rainwater Illegal


Living Off The Grid – Collecting Rainwater Illegal?

Are you looking to save some money by growing your own garden, or harvesting rainwater? If so, the “International Government” may shut you down because they consider you a threat… to yourself of course. And the government wants to protect you from yourself.

Consider the case of Robin Speronis who was booted from her home because she would not hook up to the municipal water supply, or Gary Harrington who was thrown in jail for collecting rainwater. These clips have some very interesting and disturbing info about what is going on in our society today.





Do You Need A Financial Expert?

A lot of people out there may be interested in hiring someone to do their finances for them, but they are not sure which way to turn. Then there are others who are not in the least bit looking toward getting any financial help.

Either way, I would urge everybody to consider this material, because I think that this has an important message that pinpoints one of the underlining issues on why people may need financial assistance in the first place.



The following website will teach you how to become debt free in as little as 3-5 years using this unknown military strategy. Now is the time to become free from bondage.


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Being Bamboozled Out of Property Taxes?… Are you paying too much in property taxes?

If you own a home, or own a property, then you pay property tax. But are you paying too much? There is a good chance that you are. But how do you know?

In this video, Phil Pustejovsky (of shows how property taxes are calculated, how local governments work, why you may be paying more property tax than you should and (most importantly) what you can do about it.




Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Richdad financial freedom now

Robert Kiyosaki the famous Richdad author uncovers some secrets of the wealthy. This is a great introduction on how pertinent it is to develop and build sales skills. Escape of the rat race now!

More information on Robert Kiyosaki below

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Rich People Get Welfare!


Billionaires On Government Subsidies

We’ve all been taught that our government controls and regulates corporations. But the truth is the exact opposite. Corporations control government, the government’s money, and where it goes.

Many individuals are upset about welfare. They are upset because they feel that their “hard earned” money is subsidizing individuals who they deem to be lazy and shiftless. But those people would be really upset if they knew that poor people don’t receive that much welfare. Rich people do!

In the above clip, David Cay Johnson (author of “Free Lunch”) explains how big business billionaires (like sports franchise owners) use YOUR TAX MONEY to derive most if not all of their profits. Check out this shocking information!

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Earning Money On The Side – How To Make College More Affordable

Guest Blog Post

Being at college can be expensive and for many people getting a part-time job that pays well is tricky. If you are at college you might be interested in earning some extra money on the side, so take a look our ideas on how to make college more affordable for you.


This is one of the most obvious ways in which you can boost your cash flow from home. There are so many people who are looking for good tutors that they can afford and you can take advantage of this. Get the word out there that you can tutor people and you could be pleasantly surprised at how much interest this generates for your services. You can get the word out by joining specialist tutoring sites online or simply by visiting your local CV and speaking to its head teacher.


This is a method that does not cost you anything but your time to set up. You can join affiliate programs and start blogging about products and services. If your blog encourages the people who read it to go to the site of the affiliate product you are promoting and they make a sale or join the site you will get a commission. If you do this enough times you could be earning some serious money. Most blogging platforms are free to join, as are affiliate programs, and providing you have a good blog that people want to read your earning potential could be substantial.

Renting out your driveway

If you have a home that has its own driveway or garage that does not get used you could start to make money from it. This is even easier if you go to a university in a city where parking is difficult or close to a stadium or arena where live events and sporting activities take place. People are always looking for parking spaces in these areas and you could rent yours out per event or for a week, month or year at a time. It’s a great way to subsidize the cost of your college accommodation.


If you can write, do web coding, are a Photoshop expert or can work remotely in office admin you can decide to advertise your services online. You will be able to find many different freelancing websites where you will be able to make money from the skills that you already have. This is a method of earning more money that so many people are joining in with right now and you could too.

Couch Surfing

With people from all over the world traveling to different countries there are a lot of them who want to be able to find very cheap accommodation. This is where couch surfing comes in. If you have a place to sleep in your home that someone traveling could use you can advertise it online. You can then charge that person a small amount to stay in your home for one or two nights. Being in college it’s unlikely you’ll have a spare room but you will probably have a spare sofa where you could be earning $10 to $15 per night through allowing travelers to sleep on it.

Michael J. is an avid blogger who is currently contributing to, a top-notch research paper writing service located in the United States.

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Federal Housing Finance Agency Stops Home Ownership!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Federal Housing Finance Agency is supposed to be there to preserve home ownership in America. However, the FHFA is “subsidizing” something that has nothing to do with someone owning a home.

In this clip, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) puts the FHFA on blast and questions why we follow a policy that profits the U.S. Government billions of dollars, often at the expense of home ownership.

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