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Consumer Debt in America is on the rapid rise! Because of this, getting out of debt has become an industry! There are a lot of debt reduction/debt relief companies out there and many of them are scams that could damage your reputation, and ruin your credit.

What about Debt Consolidation Loans?

Debt Consolidation Loans are a little better than many of the so-called debt reduction methods but they one will only have you paying the bills to a different creditor. And sure, you may lighten the load a little bit, but not by much. Instead of taking 35 years to pay off your mortgage and other debts like it takes for the average family, you might only shave a few years off. But why settle for becoming debt free in 25 years when you can do so in just 3-5 years? Debt Consolidation Loans will also have an upfront percentage fee (10-15) and your inital payment will go towards the fee!

You also have to be carefu when dealing with debt consolidation. A lot of these "non-profit" credit couseling and/or debt consolidation loan companies have been investigated by the FTC and the IRS and some have been shut down. Many of them have been found to be FRONTS (founded directly by banks) to move money into for profit corporations.

There is a better way than typical debt consolidation! Using this little known military strategy you can get out of debt much much faster and more efficient!

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