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Welcome to the Free Your Mind Online Resource Center.
Here you will find resources to help you build wealth, achieve health, reprogram your mind, and fight for what little freedoms you have left.


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Identity Theft


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Investing and Precious Metals - [Read Article-Understanding The Federal Reserve System]



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Alternative Health Center of Information





Healing Info



  • E Water: One Stop Shopping for all your foundational health support. Six Month Money Back Guaranty! Fred Van Liew's Water & Air Essentials offers the best in water and air filtration as well as protection from EMF and EMR.

  • Oasis Advanced Wellness: Oasis Advanced Wellness provides professional and hi-tech natural health solutions for total health and well-being.

  • Dhealthstore: Dhealthstore's main goal and function is to enlighten and properly educate people to the importance of human health and nutrition. Experience Healing Here.

  • Health Illumination Products: We proudly provide the most complete selection of energized water filtration, geopathic stress protection, emf protection devices and much more!

  • EMF Safety Superstore: We proudly provide the most complete selection of energized water filtration, geopathic stress protection, emf protection devices and much more!

  • Colloidal Silver:  Silver has been used by man throughout history for maintenance of good health through this role in supporting the body's immune system.  Check out all the testimonials.



Specific Diseases


[Aids-See Infotainment Section under Health][Alzheimers][Arthritis][Asthma][2][Back Pain][Cancer-See Infotainment Section under Health][Crohns Disease][Diabetes][Heart Disease][Herpes][High Blood Pressure][Parkinsons]


    Personal Growth and Development Information

    Instead of sitting around and watching mindless entertainment,  watch something that will Free Your Mind!  Get this info while it's still available.






  • You decide---Which Fund Has the Crisis!?





    • Information Liberation:  Information you are not supposed to know. 

    • Rense News:  Find News that you won't find on mainstream news sources. 

    • Infowars:  Get the real information while you can. 

    • Zfacts:  More interesting facts that you don't see everyday. 

    • Financial News:  The absolute best resource on the internet for up to date financial news including headlines, videos and interesting facts. . 



    General Tools

    • Software Street:  This site contains my most exciting software recommendations for Windows power users. From essential privacy utilities to awesome automation software, this is the software that REALLY matters. 


    Survival Resources - [Read Article]

    • End Times Report:  Better to be safe than sorry! End Times Report - A guide to self reliant living 

    • Organic Storagable Food:  There have been only two massive debt bubbles in the last 100 years in the U.S.A. The first is better known as THE GREAT DEPRESSION. The second one is TODAY! The first one resulted in massive economic dislocations, loss of property, and DISRUPTION OF THE FOOD SUPPLY WITH BREAD LINES AND FOOD SHORTAGES! [Pricing]


    Privacy Tools

    • Hide Your IP Address:  If you thought the Internet was anonymous, it's time to think again. Every Web site you visit, every e-mail you send, every image you download  is ALL connected back to your unique IP address.  The government has ALL of it. 

    • Privacy Central:  This site contains my round-up of the greatest privacy tools in the world. From spyware killing software, to utilities that blank out your computer screen, THIS is the software that REALLY matters! 

    • Cloaked Now:  Cloaked Now is a simple to use online cloaking tool, you can quickly cover your internet tracks and defend against a large range of internet threats. 


      Miscellaneous Info


    • Justice Denied: The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

    • Black Refer: The Largest Online Directory for locating black websites!


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