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Recession Facts


"Recession Fact: Only You Can Determine Your Financial Destiny"


John Doe And The Wise Master Economist

John Doe: Greetings to you oh Wise Master Economist. I have traveled for many years and many miles to see you. I have brought you fresh manna, fine wine and 3 gold nuggets. I hope you accept my offering.

Wise Master Economist: What is it that you desire from me?

John Doe: Oh Wise Master Economist, I would like to know, are we still in a recession? Or is the recession over?

Wise Master Economist: Why do you want to know?

John Doe: Because I want to know if I am broke or not!

Wise Master Economist: Oh... well why didn't you just say so? You are broke. Very broke. Keep the gold nuggets because you will need them. I will keep the food though.

Wow... this manna is good. Where did you get this from?!


I would like to start this article off by stating how much I love real estate agents. I mean, I just absolutely love them. Why? I have never in my entire life heard from a real estate agent, that it is not a good time to buy a house! Never. Not one time. I mean, the housing market can literally be, "In Stitches" and if you go to an agent and say, "I'm thinking about buying a house, but I'm not sure the time is right with the economy the way it is" They will in 100 percent of the cases say, "Oh no... THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY!"

You see, the true housing market is irrelevant. So when it begins to plummet, real estate agents just act like it's not happening! That's why a lot of houses are being sold. And while this may bother some people (and I certainly can understand why), there is a very valuable lesson to be learned. Especially now that we are in this recession (or not). But first...

What Is A Recession?

The technical definition of a recession is a period of 6 or more months (2 or more quarters) in which the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) declines. It is usually accompanied by higher unemployment rates, the stock market falling, etc. Now, this definition is not agreed upon by economist, since the GDP (as well as employment and stock market numbers) fluctuate and it is hard to gauge. Now according to "A recession is generally considered less severe than a depression, and if a recession continues long enough it is often then classified as a depression." Yep... clear as mud.

Well... the economy has supposedly been (or been) terrible for a long time now. So are we in a recession or a depression? I mean things are pretty bad right? Well... according to "The difference between the two terms is not very well understood for one simple reason: There is not a universally agreed upon definition. If you ask 100 different economists to define the terms recession and depression, you would get at least 100 different answers."

So with this being said, then how do we know that we are in a recession (or depression for that matter)?! Exactly who made this decision? I can guarantee you that the vast majority of people hear in America only think (or know) that there is a recession because that's what we have been told. After all... the employment rate has recently gone up from 90.2 to 90.6! (which may or may not be good, depending on whom you ask). But that means that the vast majority of people have jobs.

You know... people ask me all the time, "So... how's business?" I then reply, "It is fine." Then they ask, "But wait! You are not affected by this economy?" I then reply, "Ah... no (thinking to myself... Am I supposed to be?). And what's interesting is that people ask me this every week. Do they think that the answer will change in a week? You see, you'll have to excuse me, but I didn't realize I was supposed to be struggling. When the recession announcement was made, I didn't realize they were talking about me!

Whose Recession Is It?

Look, here is the bottom line. When it is stated that there is a recession, in most cases, that doesn't apply to the masses of people and I will state my case as to why that is.

We have all heard the statistics. The vast majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and are 2 pay periods away from bankruptcy. Most Americans don't have enough money to stop working and live off of what they have made when they reach retirement age. And this has been the case for years. As a matter of fact, this was true when the economy was supposedly good! So why didn't "they" THEN say that we were in a recession? Nobody took a survey to see the masses personal finance situations and then decide that America was doing badly.

You see, the word recession means that the big corporations, the people who have most of their money invested in them, and the FEW (and by few, I mean relative to the whole population) people who have been laid off are in a recession. But they use the phrase, "WE" because that way they can bamboozle the general population into taking on the responsibility to fix their problem.

For example, when the government borrows money from the (non federal) Federal Reserve Bank, and goes into debt, they won't say, "The American Government is in debt." They will say, "America is in debt." So you may have not borrowed one red cent from anyone ever in your entire life, but now you are in debt. So now, you have to pay off that debt by paying your Federal Income Tax which leaves the private bankers victorious (That's why it's called Victory Tax). The term "WE" is an excuse to take your money.

So when it is announced that "WE" are in a recession and "WE" need to work to get out of it, who are "THEY" talking about? Well... what is the solution to this recession? SPEND YOUR MONEY. Now if the reason why the recession is bad and we need to get out of it is because the American people are broke and struggling, then how could the solution be for those broke people to spend their money? Wouldn't the solution be for those people to SAVE what little money they have? They didn't tell those corporations to spend their money on the people (and they are in a better position to do so because unlike the people, they just got bailed out).

P.S. Let me let you in on a little secret. People saving their money (in the midst of the dollar being devalued and the predictions of economic downfall) is really what is causing a lot of this recession (which means the big companies struggling) in the first place.

So the big corporation's (which control our government anyway) message to us is. In order for US (everyone) to get out of OUR problem, you need to give US (the corporations) YOUR money. Or in other words, we need you to crucify your finances so that WE may be saved! This is why the corporations have everlasting life, because whenever they struggle:

  1. The Federal Reserve will print up money and give it to them directly (via bailout) &
  2. The Federal Reserve will print up money and give it to them indirectly (by giving it to the masses of people, and then telling them to spend it and give it back to the corporations - economic stimulus). Now whose economy is being stimulated?
  3. Companies now have an excuse to cut "unwanted" expenses by laying people off, demoting people and giving out pay cuts. And when the people say, "Why are you doing this to us?" the response is, "Haven't you heard? The economy is terrible!" A lot of people got laid off AFTER the declared bad economy and not the other way around.

These fraudulent business practices along with the severe devaluing of the dollar bill because of the influx of Federal Reserve Notes, leave the masses more poor and the Federal Reserve owners more rich (since they own all the REAL money which is the gold that the dollar bills used to represent). This is called Redistribution of Wealth - The Rich, stealing from the poor. And this has been going on for centuries.

Most people have fallen for the myth. Redistribution of wealth is the socialist tactic of taxing the rich more (or punishing success) in order to provide for everyone. This is complete nonsense. If you raise taxes on the rich, then they will just raise their prices (because they own all the businesses) and make the poor pay the difference! So when taxes go up (regardless of whose taxes) the poor suffer.

Determine Your Own Destiny!

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well... it's very simple. I'm trying to give you a legitimate excuse not to participate in this recession. When the Swine Flu scare happened, a lot of people in America had the Swine Flu. Nobody said, "America has the Swine Flu!" That would have been asinine. So how is saying "WE" are in a recession any different?

I'm not hear to preach The Law Of Attraction or give a lecture on how Your Thoughts Create Your Reality or anything like that, but I will say the following. One of the ways that the diabolical ones keep the pecking order the way it is (meaning they are rich and we are poor) is that through propaganda, they are able to keep the masses in a "recessive mind state" If your mind is recessive, then your reality and your finances will follow very soon. The opposite is true also.

You see, a recession isn't just an excuse to take your money, but it is an excuse to take your mind!

But What About...

"How dare you say these things! I really AM affected by this recession!"

Yes, I know. A lot of people may believe that this article is blasphemous because they have lost their job or have lost a lot of business. If this is the case, I am not here to disregard or downplay your situation, and I don't want you to deny reality, but consider the following.

When the economy was good... People got laid off, people filed bankruptcy, people lost their homes, people had trouble finding jobs, people lost businesses, people slipped and fell and hit there head on the side of the coffee table. However, they didn't sit there and say... oh well, the economy is bad. They picked themselves up, and dealt with the situation the best that they could, and took charge in changing the things that they COULD control for the better. You see, from my own personal experience, a lot of people have resigned to the fact that the economy is bad and have given up.

This doesn't have to be you. You can put yourself in a prosperity mindset. It's up to you, what you do. Don't allow "The Mann" to give you a self fulfilling prophecy. Recession or Prosperity exists in the mind first, and then it manifests itself in the physical realm. There are a lot of people out there making a lot of money, and you could be one of them. The choice is yours!


John Doe And The Wise Master Economist Continued...

Mr. Wise Economist: No... I'm serious. This is the best food I've ever had. I mean the flavor is just bursting in my mouth. You've gotta let me know where you got it. They don't sell this stuff in the supermarket.

John... where are you going? Come back John! Come back!

Was it something I said?


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Hope this article was helpful,

So until next time,

Free Your Mind... Online

Matt Mason

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