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Proactive Finance


"Have We Been Conditioned To Be Reactive?"


There are two types of people in the world (HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD THIS ONE). There are proactive people, and there are reactive people. Being proactive means acting in anticipation whereas reactive means acting in response to what has already happened. A lot of marriages are over or on the rocks simply because of being reactive and not dealing with a problem in the beginning. Then the fights begin!

Whether it is preparing for adverse situations that may happen, or more importantly, preparing for good things that will happen, being proactive can be a beautiful thing. When you are proactive you are in control of your life. You control your destiny.

One of the ways that the diabolical ones keep the masses in a constant state of broke-ness, while they stay in a state of richness is that they constantly promote a state of reactiveness to the masses. Reactiveness is actually presented as a solution to all of our problems! Don't believe me? Consider the following.

We all know that Cancer is a terrible disease. It will affect 1 in 3 people in their lifetime. So... what is the solution to this terrible situation? How can you prevent cancer? Why of course... GET SCREENED FOR IT REGULARLY! So let's be clear, in order to stop a disease, you have to check to see if it is there constantly. No... Don’t do anything (with regard to diet, and lifestyle) to prevent the disease. Why not? Well, you can't stop it anyway right? You are going to get cancer (especially if you keep getting mammograms). You don't have control over your own life! You can't do anything to assure you won't get cancer. So keep coming to us over and over again (so we can get paid) and then when we catch it in its early stages, we will treat it before (and get paid some more).

This nonsensical pharmaceutical propaganda, which can only be effective by suppressing the reality of alternatives (Dr. Budwig, Raymond Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, Vitamin B17 just to name a FEW) and the toxicity of their treatments, is SO effective, that a person who comes out and boldly claims that they will never get cancer is looked at as a fool! What? You mean you control your own life? You must be crazy! You better keep goin back to those legal drug dealers!

But now, this is not a natural health newsletter. I was just using that as an example. But we see this same ideology in almost every area of life.

We see this in the area of finances. We are often told that rather than take steps to prevent identity theft, the real key to stopping identity theft is to "monitor" your credit. So in other words, you can't stop it from happening; you just have to catch it when it does. We are even taught that we should have a credit card in case of emergencies. This basically means...

#1. You WILL have an emergency

#2. When you do... You WON'T have the money to pay for it.

So you better have the ability to borrow from us! As a matter of fact, you better pay down on that house as soon as possible, so that you can build up "equity" so that you can borrow (from us) off of it when you need to. Evil Law of Attraction at it's best.

You see... just like the wealthcare industry can't survive without people being sick, the financial industry can't survive, unless people are constantly in a position of indebtedness and broke-ness. Rich people aren't trying to "Get out of Debt" and "Save for Retirement"

Even things like Life insurance (I wonder if they will ever require people to have this) is based on your "lack". So since you don't have anything (can't provide for the family or even pay for your funeral) you can pay "US" the little tidbits you have and we will protect you and your family WHEN bad things happen. And make sure that you put your money in a regular IRA because when you retire, you will have LESS money than you do now.

There are many dynamics to this ideology. One of them is the fact that the U.S. dollar has been devalued to the point that people can't get what they want as quickly as they used to. And since people are flooded with propaganda that makes them feel less than human if they don't have certain materials, then borrowing money is the easy alternative!

Another one is that people are taught that your how rich you are is in large part based on how much you can go into debt. I explain this in the article on Home Loanership.

But ladies and gentleman, let's take this thing to the other extreme. Ponder the following. Why can't we be proactive? Why can't one have enough wealth to not worry about bad things happening?

What if you had so much money that if an emergency did happen to occur, you would have enough and wouldn't have to borrow? What if you had enough money so that if you passed away your family would be provided for and you wouldn't need insurance? You would be a financial planner’s worst nightmare.

Do What's Hard While It's Easy

The purpose of me saying this is not to speak hard times into your life in the future. But I would like everyone to be smart. And smart means being proactive, especially in times like these.

There are a lot of those who have a "good job" and make a decent amount or even a large amount of money, but they STILL live on the edge (one paycheck away from disaster). Now of course, if something did happen, then suddenly there would be a shift in finance (like doing a cash plan, cutting back on frivolous, vain material items, eating out less etc etc). But unfortunately this shift should have happened a long time ago.

You see, when you work for someone else as a means to make your money, then that someone else has your financial destiny in their hands. So it is only common sense to realize this, and save some money. And even if you do keep your job, you can't work forever. So at some point you have to begin to put money away. And... If you happen to accumulate enough to retire early (Heaven Forbid), then so be it! You can always keep working until retirement age or beyond if you want to that bad.

You see like I have said before, personal finance is not rocket science. It is just about saving more than you earn. But in order to do that, you have to be PROactive. You've got to make the first move. You can't just sit around doing whatever and wait around to be saved.

So, do you have a financial game plan in place? It's never too early to start! Consider the following articles.

1. Financial Freedom Boulevard

2. Don't Do A Budget

3. How To Go Broke

Hope this article was helpful,

So until next time,

Free Your Mind... Online

Matt Mason

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