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You Can Get Everything You Want If You Help Enough Others Get What They Want

– Zig Ziglar

The Best Affilate Program Online Today

Earn  $1,000s of dollars worth of Passive, Residual Income month after month just by Letting People Know how to gain lifetime access to a wealth of self improvement resources!”

Dear Friend,

My name is Matt Mason and I am the Creator of Free Your Mind Online:

Did you know that people spent over 13 Billion Dollars in the personal development industry last year?  Millions of people go online every year and search for  self-help/ self-improvement information to help themselves improve.

Struggling individuals are now realizing that they can no longer depend on others and that self development is the key to success.  And with all of life’s challenges (economic, physical, emotional, and spiritual) rising, the demand is going to continue to skyrocket.

So If you are looking to make some money while helping others, then the Free Your Mind Online V.I.P. Club is one of the best affiliate programs to promote in 2015.

Who Are We, And Why Promote Us?

The Free Your Mind Online Digital Store is the top resource online for self help and personal development.  Our store is packed full of QUALITY products (eBooks, Audio, Video and more) to help individuals improve their lives.

Featured Self Improvement Resources

Newly Added Self Improvement Resources

And we cover every topic you could ever imagine such as;

Weight Loss | Internet Marketing | Business | Wealth | Law of Attraction | Meditation | Spirituality | Nutrition | Health & Fitness | Cooking | Entrepreneurship | Healing

And Much More!

Our V.I.P Membership allows anyone to have access to the entire store for a low monthly fee ($9.95/mo) that lasts for 6 months or a one time payment of $47.00.  After that, they gain lifetime access to the store.  Our affiliate program pays over 60% ($6.00/mo) or  ($28.67) to our partners.



Here Is How The Program Works.

When a customer visits our digital store, all of our dark background premium products are for sale (with an “Add to Cart” button) as shown below.

Self Improvement Product Example

Once they join the V.I.P. Club, all of the “Add to Cart” buttons on our premium products will become “Download” buttons after they log in as a member (as shown below).

Self Improvement Product Example - VIP Club Members

This is a very enjoyable experience for the customer as many of our eBooks come in various mobile formats.  We also update our store with at least 4 premium products per month!  And as an added bonus, most of the resources in our store have resale rights.


Free Your Mind Online affiliates are provided with a HUGE variety of promotional tools as well as detailed instructions to assist them in promoting our membership. See our promotional tools below.

Affilate Program Promotional Tools

So Just To Recap, By Partnering With Us:

Because of the extremely affordable price to such a large variety of material in a niche (self development) that is growing rapidly, our program  Converts At A High Rate.

Our program gives you a passive, residual income stream . And you will have much fewer unsubscribes as customers know that finishing the payout will give them lifetime access.

We provide the  The Best Selection of Promotional & Training Tools Available Online  to make sure that you are successful


And last but not least, we are here to help you.  If you ever need assistance with our affiliate program, you can simply contact us and we will help you to maximize your efforts!

Questions about our affiliate program?  Contact Us Here

Questions? Contact Us Here

Free Your Mind Online is the best affiliate program available online to promote if you are looking to earn passive, residual money easily and effortlessly.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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