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Defeat the middle class struggles

Defeat The Middle Class Matrix

"Comments about the beginning and end of middle class struggles"

The prerequisite to reading this article is The Middle Class Matrix.

You can also go there and print it off (the link right above the picture) to make it easier to follow along with this newsletter.


You know, “The Middle Class Matrix” is kind of like a discussion with a person who is old and senile. It’s very easy to get into, but almost impossible to get out of. A lot of responses that I get from my newsletter readers are, “Wow, I wish I knew this when I was young”. That being said, first and foremost, if you know any young people, OR you are raising any young ones, then you may want to read this carefully, and also alert them to the newsletter, “The Middle Class Matrix” in particular, and this website in general. Therefore, 90% of this newsletter will deal with what caused that Matrix.

I will go step by step about the Seven Deadly Sins that led to “The Middle Class Matrix,” and then I will get into what I think can be done about the situation.

Let us start at the beginning of where Janice’s life began to be ruined. The first mistake Jack and Jill made was one that a lot of parents make.

1. The Good Job Lecture

Jill told her daughter these words, “You need to get good grades in school now. That way you can get into a good college. Then you can get a good education so that you can get a good job!”

This (in my opinion) is the worst possible thing that you can tell your child. Let us examine. We know that 97% of people in America can’t retire at retirement age. This simply means that they either have to keep working (at least part-time), have their children help or take care of them, or they have to struggle to get by with less than they would like.

Now if 97% of the people don’t reach this goal then it is safe enough to say that only 3% do reach it. Statistically, 27% of people in the U.S. right now have college degrees. So, if we assume that 100% of those who retire comfortably or wealthy have degrees (which is COMPLETELY FALSE), then that means that one out of every nine people (27/3) who get a college degree will retire in ease. That’s not too cool to me.

The simple fact is this. When YOU were young, your parents gave you the spell … oops; I mean spiel about a good education and a good job. You did what they told you. So if that job is so good, then why are you telling your kids to do something so that they won’t miss out like you did?

What we are being told is “insanity”. Millions upon millions of people are being told the same thing, and they are going down the same path, and ending up in the same place, struggling to make it by day by day. I’m not knocking college. It can be a beautiful thing, and it is often necessary. But it is NOT, the key to freedom.

Why not tell your children that they should do well in school so that they can be a better business owner when they get older? Why not tell them they have to be good at math because they will be counting and keeping track of profits (instead of keeping track of hours) when they get older? Why not tell them they have to be good at solving problems in school so that they can learn to come up with solutions later on in life? Why not find out what they like, and plant the seed of entrepreneurship and freedom in their minds with respect to it?

People think that being an entrepreneur is dangerous, but what is dangerous is living your whole life as a slave to make someone else rich while never fulfilling what YOU were put on this earth to do. Then when you pass away, the preacher will say, “She/he is in a better place now”… because that’s all they can say! Let the child go free!

2. The Curse

Many parents curse their children when they are young. One of the most popular curses is, “I HOPE WHEN YOU GET OLDER AND HAVE CHILDREN, THAT THEY ACT A FOOL AND DRIVE YOU CRAZY LIKE YOU DO ME!” I always laugh when I here that. It’s funny on one hand, but on the other hand, it’s not. Why? Because it always comes true! Well… that may be funny too. But this next one is not.

Jill cursed Janice when she said these magic words, “Janice, it's not that we don't want you to enjoy your youth. As a matter of fact, you will have to enjoy it, because when you get older, it's over.” Ladies and Gentlemen, what kind of sadomasochist would tell their own child, who was born from their own seed, that they BETTER have fun now because once you get older, it’s over? What?

Why can’t you be free and fun when you get older? It’s no wonder that children get so upset when the parents tell them they can’t do something. Rather than feeling that they have their whole lives ahead of them to explore, you have basically told them they only have a few years left. So, every time you say NO to them, you are in essence, destroying their “Good ole days”. You know… those, “Good ole days” when you were young that you always reminisce about (which psychologically destroys your present and future by letting you know that you can never have “good times” again).

When they go to college, they lose their minds! Do you know how many kids in college are doing all kinds of outrageous, outlandish, obscene, unconscionable, ungodly, monstrous, beast like actions right now, that they could easily regret for the rest of their lives (if they make it that far)? Do you know why they are doing them? Because, they have been told that “once you get older, it’s over”. So they feel that they must do ALL THEY CAN for those four to six years and accumulate as many “Good Ole Days” as they can before death ensues. This is the parents curse!

The second reason is because they know they have a J. O. B. waiting on them when they are finished with college. This goes to show, that even though people get “good educations” so that they can get “good jobs”, deep down inside, they know they are headed for lifeless mediocrity (if not consciously, then subconsciously). This is why they act crazy! So to end this point… just because YOUR LIFE fell off the cliff when YOU got older doesn’t give you the right to force this insanity on your children with points one and two! Let them have the choice.

3. Low Self Esteem

I can and will do a complete article on the issue of Self Esteem at a later date. but if you notice, Janice had a self esteem problem. Most of the time, low self esteem doesn’t necessarily come from being told that you are nothing. It comes from the fact that most people have NO IDEA who they are! They are so busy learning how to be “good college students” and having all the fun they can before they get older (because then it’s over), that they never really have time to sit and meditate on what their life’s purpose is.

Then around sophomore or junior year, they are asked, “Ok, what do you want to do?” They then have to “come up with something”. And they will, but what are the chances that it is the right thing? Their true life purpose has probably faded away from them by then. This is why I recommend talking to young children about what they “like” and “want to do” years earlier than that.

The fact is, the minute your child turns 18, they will be attacked by credit card companies. People talk about “awareness” but the truth of the matter is, “EVERYBODY KNOWS that credit cards are not good and shouldn’t be over used (if you can’t pay them off right away). But people use them anyway. Why? They have to. Even in college, kids have to keep up with the Jones’.

People always want to drive the nicest car and wear the nicest clothes (or be around those people who do) because that is what they want to SHOW everybody. This is because they don’t want to show people the REAL them because they don’t like, or even know who the real them is. A lot of people, if you were to strip away their popularity, their material items, their high paying jobs, their state of the art cars, and their big houses, would be NOTHING! That’s why they are always trying to show them to you. You can always tell a person with low self esteem when they start throwing what they have in your face.

So whatever place in life you are, your first quest should always be to know and love thyself.

4. Buy what you can afford

This is also a myth. You NEVER buy what you can afford. You buy LESS than you can afford so that you can have money to save. Janice and John left college and were making more money than ever. So they did what everyone does. They went out and got a bunch of new things (cars being the biggest) because they could now afford them. This is the key point in your life. If you leave college and continue to live at the same pace (just for a few years) and save the difference in money, you can be wealthy very easy! But here is where the Mind Control Matrix takes over. Now you MUST “look the part.” But, looking the part can hinder the rest of your life.

5. The Conspiracy of Home Loanership

No need to explain this again.

6. Fear

Let’s talk about mister Free Man. Mr. Freeman was trying to free Janice and John. The problem was that Janice and John were afraid to be free. You see, Mr. Freeman was pulling them out of their “comfort zone”. Working that “9-5” is comfortable. It is riskless. As a matter of fact, it was so comfortable to John and Janice that even though they had run up thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars of debt on things that they probably couldn’t even remember, they were afraid to take a $500 risk.

Now I’m not here to tell you to jump on everything out there. As a matter of fact, to do so would be “not too bright”. But remember this. If the vast majority of people in America are living paycheck to paycheck and will have a hard time retiring comfortably, then it would be safe to say that the people who achieve this goal are not “normal”. If you do every thing that normal people do, then you will end up like them. So at some point, you will have to suck it up and step outside the box in order to LIVE!

You see, the controllers of this Matrix in which we live want to keep you enslaved. They want to keep you in survival mode. They want to keep you living paycheck to paycheck, hoping that your next check comes in before the bills are due. They want to keep you in fear. Fear… of paying that bill late and getting penalties, and fear of the IRS coming after you. Why? Because, if you were ever to get a chance to free your mind, then you will begin to step into your destiny, and begin to do what you were put here on this earth to do, which at this point in time will probably have something to do with stopping THEM and their wicked agenda.

7. Multiply and Be Fruitful?

We have all heard the expression, “Be fruitful and multiply”. We all know about the Adam and Eve story. Interestingly enough, few people realize how many times this phrase is actually used. and if you notice, every single time, the words “Be fruitful” always come first!

Why do I bring this up? Janice and John made a crucial mistake. This mistake is very simple. They multiplied FIRST, and then found it difficult to be fruitful. One of the most important points in “The Middle Class Matrix” was the following sequence.

Janice: And besides, even if we could come up with the money, there is no way that we would have the time to do all of this!

Mr. Freeman: Why not?

Janice: WE HAVE THREE KIDS!!!!!!

Children are a beautiful thing, and a child is always a blessing. But, the truth of the matter is, that it is difficult to go out and hustle, when you have children. It’s difficult to start your own business, or even transition from one business to the next, when you have a child. You see, once you give birth, that child comes first!! It’s funny how people get caught up in “baby drama”. People see a cute child and they start yelling and screaming. They feel all mushy inside. Mothers often will see a newborn and be so inspired that they want to have another child (despite the pain it took to birth the last one).

Just like a new car, after you drive it for a while you get used to it. But guess what. The NOTE is still there. Just like the car scenario, most people get so “caught up in the spell” that they don’t realize this until it is too late. They are so entranced in the “American Dream” of having kids, buying a new home and having a car that they make rash decisions. Many parents become bitter and angry with their children, because deep down inside they feel like their children are a hindrance. The child can always sense this.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many people out there who are living their dreams even though they have kids. It can be done. Children can even motivate you. It just takes discipline and extra hard work. Always keep this in mind.

Taking an example from nature, let’s look at a tree. What does it do? First it grows up. Then it produces fruit. Then what you will find is that the seed (the multiplier) is INSIDE the fruit. This suggests to me that first a person must grow up. Then they must find their mission in life and go on this journey (produce or begin to produce fruit). While they are living out the life they are supposed to live, they will THEN find someone to spend their life with. You can’t present your true self to someone if you don’t know who your true self is!

Most people go out and get married, not knowing who they are. Then after five, 10 or 15 years they realize that the life they are living is bogus, and all that they have been doing all of those years hasn’t benefited anyone, except the evil ones that run their jobs. This conclusion may come from being sick of your job or realizing your true purpose, so then suddenly you start to explore other things. Now you want to take RISKS! Anything to be free from the Matrix! Maybe you even want to quit your job and cut back to make things work. You want to go out and make it happen.

Your spouse is completely caught off guard, and then they start to resist. So what do you do? You go out and tell everybody, “I’m living with a DREAM THIEF”. Oh please! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! Your spouse married you because they wanted to spend the rest of their life with the person you were then! Now five, 10 or 15 years into the marriage you want to “flip the script” and shake up the household. You have thrown them a curve ball, and now they will have to make sacrifices that they didn’t sign up for. If your spouse knew that you were destined to be a trillionairre selling Amway products, then she/he may have married someone else (no pun intended). Keep this in mind before you go bad mouthing.

I’m sure that Beyonce and Jay-Z have had many arguments in their day. But I’m pretty sure that one of them wasn’t, “AY, WHY YOU ALWAYS GOTTA GO ON TOUR?” I hope you see my point. If you are already living your purpose, or at least have a clear idea what that true purpose is, then when you meet that special someone (whose purpose will coincide with yours), everything will work beautifully. As I stated earlier, the first quest is always to know thyself!

This of course is a difficult feat when living in a society where you can’t be single for four minutes without being labeled a homosexual. As the old saying goes, “If you can’t find the one you love, love the one you’re with”. Question… Why must you be with someone? The answer is simple. The ultimate self esteem booster for someone who “needs to be loved,” right behind material things, is a person to be with. That way you know at least somebody loves you. And of course, if you don’t have someone, then something must be wrong with you right? Please! Step off of Foolishness Island and find yourself!

Escaping “The Middle Class Matrix”

And now for the big finish. In the beginning, I stated that getting out of the Matrix was like getting out of a conversation with person who was old and senile. Truthfully, getting out of this conversation is easy. Just get up and walk out! But you can’t do that because that would be rude and you may hurt the relationship. So it’s difficult, but yet so easy. In my profession, I have sat down with many couples who made anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year. Most of them were living paycheck to paycheck (the more you have, the more you spend). What I have found myself doing is trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

All of these couples have one thing in common and that is that 99% of them are one step away from freedom. What is that step? How about this: Sell that new car and buy an inexpensive, good quality, used one! Ok, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Buy A Cheap Car! I realize that the word cheap is a turn off for many people. After all, nobody wants to “look cheap.” THAT’S WHY WE ARE BROKE!! Trying not to look cheap. If you fake it till you make it, you won’t make it. Wicked advertisers know that all they have to do to get you to buy expensive items is to convince you that items that cost less are “cheap.” They’ve been doing this for years. The sheep haven’t caught on yet. Free Your Mind.

Now, after you sell your expensive car and get a cheaper one, you will get thousands of dollars plus NO NOTE, and lower insurance premiums. Then you can sell that big four bedroom house and move into a smaller one. Then you can sell that 70 inch flat screen plasma TV (that won’t last over five years) and get a regular one. Then you can sell all of that expensive furniture and get some cheaper furniture. Then you can GET BASIC CABLE! If you actually have time to watch 100,000 channels, then you have time to get a part-time job (yeah I said it).

Most people I run into could be Bill Gates rich in 20 years if they would do this. But, guess what! You can’t do this. Why? Because, you think… “What would people say? What would my friends say if I went from a Lexus to a Bonneville? What would they think if I moved into a smaller house? They might think I’m broke or something. YOU ARE, so be real with yourself! What if they don’t want to hang around me (they all have nice cars and houses)?

Now, of course anybody who would distance themselves from you because of your possessions is not really your friend. You know this, but you are STILL afraid to lose these non-friends, or have them talk about you behind your back, so you must continue to FRONT! You see, this invisible prison… this “prison for your mind” as Morpheus describes in The Matrix movie, is one of the main things holding you.

You don’t need someone with 20 years of financial experience and 15 degrees to help you with your money. Most of the time, it comes down to pure common sense. You probably expected some magical formula to help you. But I am not your magician. I have said this before and I will continue as long as this newsletter is online. Life is not as difficult as WE make it out to be. You may look at the name of this website and think to yourself, “What does that name have to do with finance?” Ladies and Gentleman, it has EVERYTHING to do with finance, as well as everything else. You must first Free Your Mind… then everything else will follow automatically.

Wake Up!

If you notice, in the “Middle Class Matrix” story, there were a few references to “living you dream” and “fairytales come true.” At this particular point in time, I am diametrically opposed to a person trying to live their “dreams.” Why is that? I’m glad you asked. You see, the problem with a dream is that you have to go to sleep before it can happen! The diabolical supremacists know this. That’s why they constantly perpetuate the idea of “living your dreams” and the “American Dream.” This means it will never come to fruition.

If you lived in a dream world, it would be easy to “live your dreams.” You could just wake up and be rich and famous, without the outrageous sacrifices that you see in a movie like “Pursuit of Happyness.” In a dream, you can meet somebody, fall in love and “live happily ever after,” with no added work. But reality is different! It is the opposite. A dream is not realistic. Reality is not a dream!

So instead of trying to live out your dreams, start living out your purpose! Because the minute you say, “I have this dream” your subconscious tells your brain that it will never ever happen. That’s why you had to dream about it.

Stop dreaming, wake up, take control of your life, make it happen and end the foolishness of the middle class struggles!

Well, it’s getting late. I think I’ve rambled enough. I’m tired. It’s time for me to go to bed.

But… I hope this has been helpful.

Sweet Dreams!

And until next time,

Free Your Mind... Online


Matt Mason

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