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The Low Garbage – Garbage Conspiracy

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Today will be my first “PG-13″ post.  Now… I’m not one normally known to spew so called “curse words” but today I may mention one or two (don’t worry… I will blank them out).  I will be all in good fun.  But I think that it will be good to get my point across.  Hopefully I won’t offend anyone.  I don’t think I will.

Now, what I am about to expose to you today is one of the greatest conspiracies that has ever been perpetrated on mankind.  This conspiracy is even bigger than the “Orange Juice Conspiracy“… bigger than the “Conspiracy of Home Loanership“… and maybe even bigger than the “Pimp Juice Conspiracy” What is this Conspiracy Called?  It’s called

The Low S**T BullS**T Conspiracy.

Yes… Low ***  Bull ****.  NOBODY is talking about this conspiracy.  It is one of the best kept secrets that are out there.  So if you are reading this Blog, you should feel very lucky.  You are in the right place at the right time.  And remember… you heard it first on Free Your Mind Online.  Now… what is the Low **** Bull  **** Conspiracy?  Consider the following.


Let’s say that you came over to my house to eat dinner.  You were really hungry and you hadn’t eaten all day long.  So I announced that dinner was ready and you came to the kitchen/dining room table.  Now, what if I brought you a plate that was Full of ****  and said, bon appetit.  Hope you enjoy the food!  Would you eat the ****?  And if not… why?

Ok… well listen… I can understand you not eating that.  As a matter of fact I apologize, because that would be disrespectful to even bring that to you.  So let’s change it up a little bit.  Let’s say that it was “Low Stink” ****.  Would you eat it then?  What?  Why Not?

Ok…  Well.. I understand… well let me ask you this.  What if I went and put some vegetables in it and brought it back to you.  Now it is “Vegetarian S***”  Now would you eat it?  NO?  Wow… you drive a hard bargain.

Alright, well I know this will work.  What if I put some vitamins in it and brought it back to you as “Vitamin ****” You still don’t want it?  Come on now… this is some Healthy S****!!!!

Well… I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I think I can understand why you don’t want to eat this Bull****.  You see whether it is Vitamin ***, Low Stink ****, Vegetarian S***, or even ORGANIC S****… IT’S STILL BULL****!!!


The Plot

You see, first came the influx of JUNK Food… and FAST food (both of which are not really food) brought in by the secret societies.  These foods were convenient and they tasted soooooooooo good.  They corrupted the taste buds.  But you see, they made people sick… REAL sick.  Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease began to run rampant!  People started to realize that the bad health they were experiencing was directly linked to all of the Bull**** they were eating.  The Consciousness level began to rise amongst the masses, and people began cutting down on and even turning away from all the GARBAGE and going back to eating real food.

So the diabolical population controlist keep the people sick-ist and going back to the doctor-ist to keep the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA paid-ist by telling people that their diseases are a result of heredity and not diet and lifestyle-ist supremacists got together and had an emergency meeting.


John:  Gentlemen… we have a crisis on our hands.

Harry:  What is the problem?

John:  The consciousness level of the Goyim masses is beginning to increase.  They are starting to catch on to our BullS*** feed plan.  After years of success, people are no longer eating our garbage!!!  They are starting to realize that this stuff is not healthy!

Harry:  Wait, I don’t get it

John:  MY GOD, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. I swear if you weren’t in the right bloodline I would kick you right out of this meeting.  I’m talking about JUNK FOOD… FAST FOOD, people are not eating it as much anymore.  They realize that it’s not healthy.  People are more health conscious now.  Even though the F.D.A. said that smoking was healthy, people are beginning to realize that it causes cancer and in a minute, they’ll realize that the fluoride in them is making people passive and dumb!  People are no longer falling for the BullS***!!

Bob:  Yes… I’ve known about this development for some time now.  As a matter of fact, I’ve studied the ancient prophecies and I knew this time would come.  But here’s what we have on our side.  Because of the special chemicals that we have put in these products, most people are addicted to Bull***.  They may realize that it is unhealthy, but they really want to eat it!  They don’t want to stop.

Jean:  THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  People are still stepping away from the S***!  Now YOU KNOW THE PLAN BOB.  We have to keep disease and infertility up and population DOWN!

Bob:  I know.  Don’t worry.  Like I stated earlier, people are already addicted to the Sh**.  So we just have to give them an excuse to continue eating it.

Jean:  What possible excuse can we give people to eat ****??

Bob:  We’ll make it healthy for them…

Harry:  huh???


Shortly after this meeting a NEW BREED OF BULL**** began to enter our food supply.  Here are some examples.

Diet Soda

Low Fat Ice Cream

Vitamin Koolaid Water

Vegetarian Pizza

0 Grams Trans Fat (yeah right) Potato Chips


and soooo much more!!


Episode one

Hey Man, would you like some Ice Cream?

Sure Man… Thanks…. arrraaaagghhh.  What Kind Of Ice Cream is This?  It’s Nasty!

Oh… I’m sorry man.  Its Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Cholesterol Ice Cream.

What?  Why are you eating Jacked Up Ice Cream?

Well uh… you know… I’m tryin to keep my weight down.



Episode two

You know… this Diet Cola is pretty good.  It tastes almost as good as the regular!

Well if you like the Regular Cola… why are you drinking Diet Cola?

Well… because I’m on a Diet

THEN WHY ARE YOU DRINKING SODA?  Why don’t you act like you have some sense and drink some WATER!


Episode three

Ay man, I’m about to order a Pizza.  Do you want some?

Yeah Man, count me in!  Get a quadruple XXXXL, cheese stuffed Supreme!

Ah Yes, I would like to order the quadruple XXXXL cheese stuffed Supreme pizza.  Yes.. I want it with the works!  I want chicken, anchovies, green peppers, beef, rat, cat, saus..

WAIT!  Hey man… Don’t let them put sausage on that pizza.  Pepperoni or Ham either!

Why not?

Because.  I don’t believe in eating pork.  You know that is an unclean animal right?

&*_&*()&()&*()&(&) DIFFERENCE WOULD THAT MAKE?  HOW CAN YOU BE 500 POUNDS WITH DIABETES, HEART DISEASE AND ASTHMA AND TELL ME NOT TO PUT PORK ON THIS  QUADRUPLE XXXXL CHEESE STUFFED SUPREME PIZZA YOU ARE ABOUT TO EAT?  Like that’s gonna to make it healthier!!!  If you are so health conscious, then why are you eating pizza at all?


And There it went.  The Low **** Bull*** Conspiracy.

Americans went right back to eating Bull****… but with less **** in it.  I have seen this with my own eyes.  People drinkin Vitamin Water because they actually think it’s healthy.  People going to Sick-Donalds, Murder King, Taco-Hell, (Do you feel lucky?) Fried Chicken, Die-Hop and the Awful House… eating **** with a Diet **** to wash it down with.  And of course, we know sugar is not healthy… so the diabolical ones gave us FAKE sugar (which is much worse than REAL sugar).

That’s right.  We are a bunch of health conscious Bull**** eaters.  Learning which Bull**** is the best to eat.

Now if you answered “NO” to the first four questions that were asked in this Blog, then you are smarter than 90% of the American population.

Ladies and Gentlemen.  We need to stop Bull****in.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEALTHY JUNK FOOD! If you want to eat healthy… then EAT HEALTHY!!!  The biggest reason that America is fat and is in bad health is not because of high fructose corn syrup, msg, soy or any of these other conspiracies (that should be explored).  But the biggest reason that America is fat is because we eat Bull****.  And we have been bamboozled into believing that it is healthy because our Bull**** has less **** in it.

If I wanted to lose weight, I wouldn’t eat Ice Cream and drink Soda and eat Pizza period!  You don’t eat that stuff and lose weight.  Now, I don’t drink… But if I ever did decide to get inTOXICated, the number of calories in my beer or wine would be the last thing that I would be concerned with.  They call it a BEER belly (not a high calorie BEER belly).

I see people all of the time, exercising vigorously but yet they can’t understand why they can’t lose weight.  Exercise is a beautiful thing… but it’s hard to lose weight when you are full of ****.  Now I’m not here to be holier than thou and act like I never eat Bull***.  But if I do eat some Bull**** YOU BEST BELIEVE I’M GOING TO EAT SOME REAL ****!!!  I don’t play.  Then I’ll just detox afterward.

And just to be clear Fake **** is worse than Real ****.  The process that the food industry uses to make **** low fat is normally a toxic process that leaves the **** more processed and toxic than the original.  These toxins then will accumulate in your body and end up making you MORE fat and have MORE diseases than if you had just eaten regular Bull****!  You have been DUPED!

So in conclusion, there are a lot of debates going on in the health conscious community about what foods to eat (meat eaters vs. vegetarians, good fats vs. bad fats, good cholesterol vs. bad cholesterol), and it can be confusing.  But at the end of the day, if you would just eat real food and cut down or eliminate Bull**** you would be much much healthier.  And if you do a colon cleanse (maybe a liver and kidney cleanse also) and stop the Bull**** you would lose a lot of weight WITHOUT EVEN EXERCISING!

I hope that this has been helpful.

So until next time…

Free Your Mind…. Online

Matt Mason


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