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Internet Censorship?

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Internet Censorship

huh.. (chuckling), you know I have to be honest.  I am gettin real sick and tired of the diabolical ones using so called emergencies to take away peoples freedoms.

You know… I was reading an article the other day in Natural News.  It talked about how governments are now saying that they may shut down access to certain popular websites during a pandemic.

The theory behind this is that during a pandemic more people will be home, and that the internet will get soooo congested that it will interupt businesses that need to be run (like say a doctors office).  Now… we wouldn’t want somebody sick, not being able to be treated because there’s to many people on the internet now would we?

Well now, before we go jumping off of the shallow end let us consider a few questions.

#1.  What constitutes a pandemic?

Right now the Swine Flu, which is being considered a pandemic and president Obama has already declared a national emergency over it.  But what is interesting about this is that the regular flu kills over 30,000 people per year in the U.S.  But the swine flu has only killed about 4,000 people in the U.S.  So why isn’t the regular flu considered a pandemic every year?

I’m not the smartest person on the planet (maybe somewhere in the top five) but it seems to me like the government is using “spook” tactics to give them an excuse to force vaccines on people that they really wanted to give them anyway

This internet censorship bill is “of course” the brainchild of Jay Rockefeller.  Jay Rockefeller claims that he wonders if the internet should have ever existed in the first place.  His reasoning is because he claims that the Defense department gets so many cyber attacks daily.  What is interesting is that Jay Rockefeller just happens to be the great grandson of good ole John D. Rockefeller, who is one of the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the organization that defines the policy of all mainstream news.  But they don’t define the policy of the internet.  Maybe they want to.  What does America think?

#2. What popular sites will get shut down?

Speaking of popularity, let’s go to alexa.com and get some ranking of some websites.  Right now CNN.com is ranked 59th in traffic globally and 18th in the U.S.  Infowars (a popular site by Alex Jones) is ranked 3,464 globally and 1,087 in the U.S.  Now let’s say that a pandemic broke out.  Which one of these sites do you think the government would shut down?.

Now why would the government want to censor the internet?  Well… maybe they don’t want people to know about…

The Pimp Juice Conspiracy
The Federal Reserve System
The Truth about Income Tax
The Orange Juice Conspiracy or
The Low Down on Al Qaeda

This is of course why the subject of internet censorship is near and dear to me.  You see, the internet is the only place left where you can get unbiased news.  If you read my election update article (part I) you will see that the news that you see on TV has been bought off for some years now.

Now you OF COURSE don’t have to believe in all of my “so called” conspiracy “theories” regardless of how much documentation is provided to support them, and the lack of documentation that is provided for the “official stories” but nevertheless, I HAVE THE RIGHT to speak my opinion.

Now the government will try to claim that certain propaganda will stir up terrorism.  Now you have got to be kidding me.  Newsflash… People don’t need an excuse to harm the United States of America.  We have already opened up a can of Whoop A*** on almost every body around!  They don’t need to visit a conspiracy site to get mad at us.

Here we are in the United States with nuclear weapons, while simultaneously warning other countries that they better not get any.  Now why is it ok for us to have nuclear weapons but no one else can have them?  Because we are good and they are evil… of course.  Name the only country who has ever used a nuclear weapon.  LOL!  That by itself is reason enough.

Is there a plan to shut down the internet?

There have been reports (mainly coming from a website http://ipower.ning.com/group/netneutrality) where they claim that inside sources have confirmed that ISPs are moving towards having restricted pay per view access to only a selection of corporate and news sites.  Any extra site you visit, you will have to pay for.  There is already a package that is out similiar to this. Telus Mobile has a plan where you can pay per page that you want to access or you can pay a larger fee to access everything.

Here is an article on it.

They didn’t have any sources to back up what they claimed, so I can’t really say for sure if what they say is true (another Y2K?), but at the same time, there are some very disturbing trends that are happening right now.

Interesting Internet Trends

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