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Was Aaron Russo Murdered?

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Was Aaron Russo Murdered?

A lot of people believe that Aaron Russo was murdered because he spoke out.  There has been a lot of speculation on this but nobody really knows.  This is an article that explores that possibility.  And also there supposedly had also been a plot to kill Russo before.

The Aaron Russo Interview

Below is a 10 minute Clip from Aaron Russo’s Interview with Alex Jones.  He talks about information that he had received from Nick Rockefeller.  In this clip is information about 9/11, The war on terror, and even the Feminist Movement.  You can Watch the full version here.

Aaron Killed By The CIA?

It has also been said that Aaron Russo was killed by the CIA, NWO, The Rockefellers and just about anyone that you can come up with.  However, I haven’t found any proof of this.  At this point it seems that it is assumed that he was killed for doing the documentary Freedom to Fascism and speaking out.  But the question is, if that is the case, then why wouldn’t he have been killed right after he refused to go along with the New World Order plan?  Why wait until he did a movie first?  Him being dead now, only serves to validate some of what he has been saying.  In the end, we may never know.  Consider this post about Ron Paul Also!  A Clip from the Freedom to Fascism Documentary is below.


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