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The Sneak Attack – Men Being Feminized

  Why Gender Bending Is Trending If you are a man, and you want to hold on to your manhood, or… If you are a woman, and you want to hold on to your womanhood, then you JUST MIGHT want to tune in to the following information! In this interview on Ice Radio, Dr Curtis Continue Reading

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Alright.  It’s getting about time to clear out some of the B.S. that exists in our mind. Whether or not you realize it… Everyday that you turn on your TV, watch a movie and even turn on your radio, you are being lied to.  And when you fall for this lie, it can ruin your life! Continue Reading

Keeping Up With “The Jones”

Hello, My name is mister Jones. Most people have no idea who I really am and what I have done. This is because they have been lied to. They have been led to believe that I am someone that I am not. They have been led to believe that I was some strange, lonely child Continue Reading

Flashback – Watch The Business of Being Born Online

  The Business of Being Born Online     Should you have birth at home, or in a hospital? This is a very controversial but informative documentary about the history of obstetrics, the history and function of midwives, and how the medical establishment has taken over the birthing business (be it a good or a Continue Reading


Welcome to today’s edition of “You Got Punked” on Free Your Mind Online. Back in November of 07, I did an article on this website called Victory Tax. In this article, I addressed the federal income tax protest movement (namely those who claim that income tax is unconstitutional). Now briefly, according to the Constitution, in Continue Reading

Personal Finance For Kids

We here at Free Your Mind Online just love the kids!! So, right now we are going to talk about a few ways that adults can give their kids the quick jump start that they have to have so they can reach financial success when they grow up. ENTER HERE _________________________________________________ Decipher the way to Continue Reading

Inspirational Video Clips – Les Brown

Inspirational Video Clips This post is just to get the creative juices flowing.  Hopefully these clips can inspire you to make a move (in whatever area you chose). These are some great motivational segments from the speaker Les Brown.  Enjoy. Why Should Fire Your Boss It’s Possible… If You Believe Remove Negative People

Internet Censorship Part Deux

Internet Censorship Part Deux Welcome to today’s edition of False Flag Terrorism (but this time… on the internet).  It has been a while since I did my blog post on Internet Censorship, and some new developments have occurred since then.  When we last left of, we discussed things like, the government planning to shut down Continue Reading

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