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College Degree: A Way Out… Or A Way In?

The Best of Mind Control Stories about MK-Ultra and the Holocaust Concentration Camps

You know, here on planet earth (and especially here in the U.S.) we are clearly a nation of sheeple.  We pretty much believe anything that is told to us regardless of whether it makes sense or not.  For example:  Doctors are the leading cause of DEATH in the U.S (with drugs killing over 100,000 people per year).  Yet they are who we go to when we get sick.  This is especially alarming considering the fact that America is the most Christian nation on the planet and Christians “CLAIM” to believe in the Bible (which clearly states we should be using herbs to heal ourselves).

Another example is how people know that debt is bad yet for some reason have gotten tricked into believing that going DEEP into debt is somehow going to make them richer, because Net Worth has in large part been defined as “the ability to borrow money.”  This is spelled out in the “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”, but if you have no idea what that is, don’t worry.  I speak on this in my article, “The Conspiracy of Home Loanership.”

You see we are living in the Matrix.  And when you live in the matrix, everything is an illusion and the reality is often diametrically opposed to the way things seem.  And since most people don’t think for themselves, they end up getting played to the grave.  And this brings me to the next controversial subject.

The College Conspiracy

A lot of people (for various reasons) are beginning to question whether college is the best way to go these days.  But the message that is constantly being echoed is that going to college will give you opportunities that you would never have if you just graduate high school.  And also, in the long run, going to college will make you more money because you can get a better job.  But the question is, do you want a good J.O.B.?  And how much money will you make in the long term if you don’t go to college and invest that same 30-40 thousand that you could end up spending?

I came across a documentary recently that I would like to share called The College Conspiracy (By the National Inflation Association).  This documentary explores some of the myths that we have been told about college.  While I watched this documentary, I thought to my self… “This is really biased.”  But then on the other hand, it is no more biased than the info coming from the other perspective (as documented in this movie).

We of course have all been told that having a degree will guarantee or at least greatly increase our chances of being successful in life (financially).  But is this true?  I know (or am familiar with) a lot of people who I would consider to be really successful.  All but a few of them have degrees, and of the ones who do… most of their success is not because of the degree they have (though their degree may have assisted them at some point).  Most of the REALLY successful people I know either have a business or work on commission.

Now you don’t need a degree to open up a business, because if you did, then Bill Gates who is rolling in the dough (while having many college graduates working for him) wouldn’t be where he is.  The truth is that in most cases, in order to really be successful you have to own your own business.  College prepares you to work for someone else (or go into corporate slavery as some may say).  As a matter of fact, some… no, a lot (1) (2) of the richest people in the world right now don’t have degrees.

But on the other hand, college graduates make 1 Million dollars more than high school graduates over a lifetime.  Or so we’ve been told.  But is this a fact or a myth?  Consider the following.

The College Conspiracy



Now, I’m certainly not posting this to say that one should not go to college, or that if you go to college you are a mindless follower.  I am only presenting this to show the other side of the argument.  Because… THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE TO THE ARGUMENT!  I know there are points on both sides.  Let me know what you think.

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