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Who Assassinated Kennedy – The Driver?

JFK Shot By Driver?

First came the JFK – Abraham Lincoln Conspiracy and now this.  Today I want to graze over a topic that to this day still stirs up a lot of controversy.  That topic is “Who assassinated Kennedy?  The driver?”  William Cooper (author of Behold A Pale Horse) implicates William Greer… the driver of the limo Kennedy was in as the shooter.  Take a look below.

JFK Shot By Driver? or Hair Reflecting Sunlight?

Now, there was a time when the driver theory was largely believed in the conspiracy community.  But since then there has been a shift.  There have been many who have debunked this theory and there are those who claim that the Zapruder film had been doctored.  Then they proceed to show you what they “claim” is the original.  Now, me personally, I wasn’t there when the original was shot.  So, I wouldn’t know.  But here are a couple of the Greer Debunkers Below.

Now, once again,  everyone claims to have the original film.  When I look at the last two films, it is VERY clear to me that somebody has altered the Zapruder film.  First, take video 1 and pause it right at the end (7:08) and you will see Greer’s left hand.  It definitely looks like he is clutching something.  If you look at the third video (right at 0:39), Greer’s hand looks completely different (balled up and in a slightly different position).  The Sun was shining a lot different in the third video too.  What appears to be Greer’s right arm is illuminated!

Also, in the third and fourth videos where you see Greers left hand… it looks kinda funny (in my opinion).  You see the arm go down from the shoulder and then right next to it, a forearm and hand kind of pops up next to it.  It doesn’t look natural, especially in the 3rd video shown.  The first video of his hand looks in a more natural position to me (once again, my opinion).  But looking at these videos, there is NO WAY you can tell me that somebody didn’t edit the Zapruder film.

We also know that Greer turned around two times.  The second time that he turned around, he had plenty of time to lift his gun and shoot.  So, if you were going to alter the film, it would be very easy to take Greers first turn, and substitute it for his second to make it look as if his hands were by his side the frame before Kennedy was shot.  It’s seems very convenient to me that frame 313 in the third and fourth video are just sooooo clear, while the ones surrounding them are blurry.  But hey,  I could be wrong!  But I do know that those two films are not the same.  One has been played with.

But how do we know what is doctored and what is not?  Well, the last debunk was suspicious and made me chuckle a little bit.  The person asked 3 questions that I would classify as… well… strange.

#1. If Greer shot the driver, why didn’t anyone notice?

Well… first of all PEOPLE DID NOTICE.  There are many indications from witnesses that JFK’s driver shot him.  Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams wrote a book called Murder From Within about the assassination of Kennedy.  Newcomb (who dealt with many witnesses) was convinced that his book made the case that the driver shot Kennedy and even sent his book in to the Congress and the Senate.   This was LONG before Bill Cooper ever came out with the driver shooting JFK conspiracy.

Here are some of the witnesses statements that Fred Newcomb recorded (either from direct questioning or the taping of the Warren Commission).

Mary Moorman – school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

Austin P. Miller – Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was “from right there in the car.” Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.

Hugh Betzner – Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound “like firecrackers going off in the car.

This and Much Much MUCH more information on this is documented on the following webpage. (

There were also hundreds of witnesses as the debunker stated, but unfortunately they were pretty much ALL KILLED!  As a matter of fact there is even a book out called JFK The Dead Witnesses.

But… let’s just say that the debunker didn’t do research on this and just assumed that no one saw this.  He then went on to ask another question.

#2  If Greer shot the driver, why didn’t he try to Escape?

ESCAPE WHERE?  You have all KIND OF people in the car with you.  Where are you going to escape to?  Now if JFK’s murder was a cover up, then obviously the objective would be to, well… cover it up!  Covering it up includes driving to the hospital to pretend like you are doing your best to help him (even though you slowed down the car instead of speeding up when you heard gunshots).  Covering it up doesn’t mean shooting the man, and then driving of somewhere and hiding with JFK, his wife and 3 other people in the car.

And if it WAS a government conspiracy, why would Greer be afraid to be arrested.  What kind of government would order you to kill someone in a conspiracy and then arrest you for doing what they tell you to do so that everyone will know that it was a conspiracy?  After all, what motive would Greer have to kill JFK outside of a conspiracy?  Did he have the hots for Marilyn Monroe? The government isn’t going to expose itself.

And then came the third question.

#3.  There’s no way that Clint Hill wouldn’t have noticed it & Do you really think Clint Hill who risked his life to get to the president was in on the cover up?

First… Clint Hill was in a vehicle behind Kennedy’s limo and was behind Jackie and John, and the 2 people sitting in the middle.  He would have had to see past all of that, AND be looking directly at the driver (knowing the driver was going to shoot) to see Greer shoot a gun.

Second… If Clint Hill was in on the cover up, then guess what… Even If He Did See It, He would just ACT like he didn’t.

Third, IF Clint Hill was in on a government coverup then that also means that Clint Hill wasn’t risking his life getting to the president.  He would know that he wouldn’t be shot because they weren’t trying to kill him… only the president.  And the president’s head was already busted open.

Now my purpose for debunking the debunker is not to say that the driver DID indeed shoot Kennedy, but only to show that those questions are completely invalid.

Also consider that for the most part, when the Zapruder film was shown, only the back part of the car was shown at first.  I know a couple of years ago it was difficult to even get the full shot.  Most of them were like the one below.

Now why would AT ANY POINT someone show the Kennedy assassination and CUT OUT THE FRONT SEAT?  Hmmmmm…  So, based on the evidence (witnesses and the Zapruder Film(s)), I believe that Greer did indeed shoot Kennedy, and the the Zapruder Film was altered to cover that up.  But, this is all just my opinion.  

What do you think?  Let me know.

13 Comments to “Who Assassinated Kennedy – The Driver?”

  1. Phil Thompson says:

    The film has been crudely altered. Look at the blow-up of the Nix Film at 1:10 min mark and even in this film you can see a rapid up and down movement by Greer’s left arm which is off the steering wheel.

    In slow motion blowup of the zapruder film ; Zapruder jittered the camera blurring some frames after the head shot.
    Frames 318-320 show the glare off Roy Kellerman’s head shift rapidly down from his head to his lap. By frame 320 it can be seen Greer’s arm had dropped something on Kellerman’s lap where Kellerman looks down at it and puts it away in the glove compartment as the limo speeds up.
    The Presidential limo can be seen in the Daniels film speeding ahead of the lead car proving that Kellerman didn’t radio ahead to the lead car during the assassination.

  2. DEEP!

    THX for the info Phil.

  3. Robert Hanson says:

    This gif shows his left arm moving over his right shoulder in unison with the headshot. That movement was altered out in the Zapruder film.

  4. Robert Hanson says:

    318 is the fake reflection.

  5. Robert Hanson says:

    Greer places the covered up gun in his left hand around frame 242. Both hands off the wheel.

  6. Randy Crouse says:

    Was Greer left handed ?

  7. Good Question,

    Not Sure

  8. I don’t know but he shot him with his left hand. He places the bleached gun in his left hand with his right, 4 seconds before he kills Kennedy.

  9. Phil Thompson says:

    Doesn’t matter; all Secret Service agents are trained to shoot with both hands in the event they are wounded in one hand.

  10. It’s not like he was hitting a baseball with his left arm. He slowed the limo down, and simply pushed the gun over his right shoulder and fired. He had it near his right collarbone before he turned the second time to shoot jfk.

  11. I don’t know but he shot jfk with his left hand.

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