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The Bottled Up Truth About Water

The Truth About Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

Updated 08/11

If you read my article, The “Pimp” Juice Conspiracy… then you know that there is a “secret” ingredient that is in the water supply that is doing much damage to many people.  But then on the other hand, tap water has a LOT of things in it that are bad for your health.  So… Bottled Water is a good healthy alternative, right? 

But wait… is bottled water really “spring” water like it is advertised.  Is it really just filtered tap water?  Is it healthy to drink from water bottled made by the petroleum industry?  These are all questions that must be dealt with! 

Did you know that a recent EWG (Environmental Working Group) survey showed that out of 173 unique bottled water companies, only THREE of them actually disclosed where their water comes from and a third of these companies don’t tell you how there water is even treated or purified? Did you also know that there are more regulations for tap water than there are for all bottled water? Consider the following information.


This documentary goes even deeper into what is going on behind the scenes with the bottle water that we consume as well as the corruption of the bottled water industry.  Below is the trailer.

For more on this documentary, you can go to the Tapped Film Profile Page on YouTube. You can also watch the Tapped documentary online below.

The Story of Bottled Water

From the Makers of The Story of Stuff, comes the following clip that explores the truth about bottled water.  This clip also goes into detail about the processes that bottled water goes through before it hits the stores.

The following is a clip from Dr. Mercola  It explores the ramifications of bottled water on the environment, and the health of people who consume it.  It also goes in depth on the cost of bottled water (manufacturing etc.. )

Now… my purpose in doing this post is not for you to come to the conclusion that tap water is safe… because it’s not. But bottled water is NO BETTER… and in many cases is worse! You can filter your own water at home. You can use a simple Brita or Pur Water filter and be a lot better off than drinking from the bottle. But my recommendation is for you to get a reverse osmosis filter, as it is the only filter that I know of to get rid of Fluoride (a.k.a. “Pimp” Juice)

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5 Comments to “The Bottled Up Truth About Water”

  1. Bottled Water Lover says:

    Typical water filter salespeople, always trying to put down tap water and now picking on bottled water.
    You are all the same, if people knew the truth about water filters, they would never have one, they are dangerous, expensive especially when you consider the constant replacement costs and the dangerous toxins that leak into the water.
    And you are recommending a reverse osmosis unit, hah, they waste 14 liters to purify 1 liter of water, that’s is a waste, and then you end up with DEAD water, no minerals, you keep drinking that and of course you are going to get osteo, water without minerals DOES NOT absorb into the cells, so your body has to get these minerals from your bones and teeth, daily use of this water will guarantee you to get sick and tired and you know what comes after that!!!

    People – enjoy pure, healthy, natural mineral water and if you can only get it in a bottle, so be it.

  2. You must truly be a bottled water lover (or a typical bottled water salesman) to come out with this response (and think it was going to fly). You destroyed your own argument with your own argument. You said that,

    “if people knew the truth about water filters, they would never have one, they are dangerous, expensive especially when you consider the constant replacement costs and the dangerous toxins that leak into the water.”

    Well guess what. Most bottled water is nothing more than FILTERED TAP WATER (some even use the “dangerous” reverse osmosis). So I guess the typical water filter salesperson got to them first. Now all of these “dangerous toxins” that you claim come from filters are in your bottled water anyway.

    PLUS, there are many dangerous chemicals that will leach into your water from the plastic. AND all of the bottles being thrown away are a toxic waste (which is an environmental problem). That is much more of a concern than the amount of water that is used to filter contaminated tap water.

    And maybe those “expensive filters are why the water (that they take right out of the tap-filter-and then sell it back to the people) is so expensive to buy.

    Now… the one point you do bring up that isn’t just crazy is reverse osmosis filtering out minerals. Yes, reverse osmosis filters out the vast majority of the minerals in your water, but certainly not enough to leech all of the minerals out of your body, make you tired and give you osteo. I have been drinking RO water for a long long time without all of these side effects. You can also add a pinch of real sea salt (in a gallon) for some mineral content.

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