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The “Orange Juice” Conspiracy

Uh Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!  Here we go again

Never one to shy away from controversy, today I will explore one of the more controversial subjects on planet earth.And that subject is none other than O.J. SIMPSON and the O.J. simpson murder trial!O.J. is a very controversial figure.He is a figure that has gone from beloved to despised (even the point not being able to drink orange juice for some).The latest O.J. news is that, recently on the 13th anniversary (coincidence?) of O.J.’s previous trial in which he was acquited for murder, O.J. was convicted on multiple charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery and conspiracy in vegas.

Immediately, after this conviction there were several assertions made.One of them was, “Well… O.J.’s luck finally ran out.“This statement clearly implies that O.J. was guilty and that it was luck that allowed him to go free in the first place.But, is this assertion accurate?Was it in fact “luck” that got O.J. Simpson off?During the O.J. Simpson trial, there was a controversy on whether or not he was guilty.In a lot of cases, it was White People who thought he was guilty, and it was non-White people who thought that he was innocent.There was a clear racial divide on this issue.

One thing that this trial demonstrated was that people in America are not as “unified” as people thought.But interestingly enough, since then, and in the past 13 years, the consensus has moved further and further towards the conclusion that he was in fact guilty and got off.Now, why is that?Has extra evidence been presented since the conclusion of the first trial?Have those who claimed he was innocent forgotten what they originally thought?What role has the media (which shapes are minds) have in all of this?

Also, there was another assertion that was made after O.J.’s conviction that I find was interesting.This one was that, “They finally got him.“This assertion imply’s that there were people ALL along (even before the first trial) that were out to get O.J.The question then must be asked, why would “they” (white supremacists) be after O.J.?Was it because he is a rich Black Man who only dated white women (and also abused one)? Or could it be something else?Was this trial used to stir up racial tension in America?

These questions must be asked.Especially when dealing with Mark Fuhrman.What most people don’t realize is the the Trial that you SAW… and the actual trial were two different beasts.Most notably the Fuhrman Tapes.Mark Fuhrman got on the stand, and first claimed that he hadn’t referred to an African American as a nigger in the past 10 years.But tapes surfaced later on that showed he did.Not only had claimed that he hated seeing a Black man with a White woman and would make a point to harass the man, but he also openly bragged about Falsifying Evidence with respect to African Americans claiming that, “That’s not falsifying a report. That’s putting a criminal in jail. That’s being a policeman.” These tapes weren’t played in full for the TV audience.

You can listen and watch some of what Fuhrman said Here.  You can get more on what Mark Fuhrman said Here. Now, this information certainly doesn’t mean that O.J. was innocent, but it can certainly change the perspective of those who feel that the notion that O.J. was framed by a racist cop as crackpots. Especially considering that Mark fuhrman was also asked on the stand if he had planted evidence, and directly and strongly… plead the 5th! Interestingly enough, Mark Fuhrman was never pursued for perjury.As a matter of fact, he came out pretty good as he is now a best-selling author, radio show host and regularly appears on Fox News.  But let’s move on.

There has been a whole lot MORE of information and controversy surrounding the first O.J. Simpson verdict that has now risen.The most notable is the documentary called “The Overlooked SuspectO.J. Simpson is Guilty, but not of murder“.A LONG investigation by William C. Dear led to this documentary.  This film won the award for the best documentary for the Backlot Film Festival this year.It is worth a look!Nevertheless, while we wait for the sentencing and appeal of the current O.J. conviction, let us take a look back at the first O.J. trial evidence and maybe we will be able to find the answer to some of these questions that have been asked.

The O.J. Simpson Trial Controversy

In past I have done Blogs on Illusions, most notably the Blog I did on Al Qaeda with the Power of Nightmares clip.But one illusion that is not talked about is the O.J. Simpson trial itself!Why do I say this?Did you know… that.O.J. Simpson was never Indicted? Now ladies and gentlemen.How did this fact get slipped under the rug?You have to understand something.If O.J. Simpson had been convicted of murder, he still could not have been thrown in jail!By law, a person can not be held to answer for a murder unless on a presentation of Indictment of a Grand Jury! Without an indictment, the judge has no power to throw anyone in jail (including O.J.)

Now, you would be hard pressed to convince me that in the biggest trial of the century (at least in the mass media), that nobody (prosecutors, judge… etc etc) would have noticed this… that is unless this was realy about something else.The American Patriot Friends Network suggests that this trial could be a distraction for the WACO Texas Massacre (which I will talk about in another blog).This is an interesting theory.But not the only one.

Missing Phone Records

LOL! This clip was hilarious to me.

Q:Why would the Browns cover up the phone records?

A:They were distraught because there son in law killed their daughter, so they have a right to hold back what they want!


If O.J. Simpson was on a plane to Chicago before or during her murder, then THEIR SON IN LAW DIDN’T KILL THEIR DAUGHTER!But I guess in a dumbed down society, nickel psychology and phrasiology works like a charm.But let’s take this a step further.

Did The O.J. Simpson “Dream Team” Help Suppress Evidence?

I find this evidence very interesting.First and foremost, if you go to YouTube, this particular video was flagged to the point where you now have to verify your age before you view it.And of course, I can understand this.I mean, the last thing that we would want is for a young impressionable minds to sit there and watch people on national telivision talk about how the U.S. court system covered up evidence that would prove that Simpson was innocent.But the REAL question is why would this Dream Team (who fought tooth and nail to get him off) participate in this?If they could have ended the trial early, why go through all of that (because the show must have gone on)?WAS EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS?If so, why?

I found the following story on “Area 51” that may shed some light on this.



Orenthal James Simpson was framed by the United States Government/Industrial/Entertainment Conglomerate for his efforts to expose the truth about the faked Moon Landings, the flat earth and the sabotage by US Navy SEALS of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Who could forget O.J., the lovable Honey-baked Ham spokesman and his famous movie roles such as the bumbling detective Nordberg in the classic Naked Gun movies? Well, truth be told, it was those movies that got him into so much trouble in the first place.

In 1978, Simpson played a Navy Commander by the name of John Walker, no relation to Chuck Norris’ character, in the classic Non-Science fiction film Capricorn One. The plot of the film is that NASA fakes a Mars landing, and then tries to cover up this fact from the rest of the world by erasing its astronauts. The astronauts don’t like this plan, and escape to tell everyone that NASA lied to them.

(read the rest here)


Wow!Now that is probably the craziest story that I have ever read.But it is the only one that I can see that puts all of the pieces together.

So, did O.J. do it?Was it his son?Was it a serial killer? It is also known that Johnnie Cochran was chasing down an alleged serial killer (Glen Rogers?) before he came up dead.Or was it in fact the U.S. Government?

In conclusion, all of the answers to these questions may never be KNOWN.But what we know is that what we are being told is not true!As the old saying goes, believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

So until next time

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16 Comments to “The “Orange Juice” Conspiracy”

  1. Mary Young says:

    In reading the orange juice conspiricy, please correct the Goldman’s to the Browns. By the way, this is very cool.

    I learned so much watching that trial. But there was more happening that was hid. The best book I read on it was by the man who wrote Talked to Death a true story. It’s here somewhere. It has the named Deceived in it and a picture of Mark Fuhrman on the cover. I live near his brother here in California.

    God bless OJ for not becoming bitter.

  2. Thank you so much for the input Mary. I have made the changes, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the article.

    I will have to find that book also. Yes, there was more to the trial than what met the eye as Dick Gregory pointed out. I think in the end though, O.J. may have become bitter.

  3. big ben says:

    Thanks for the good job you did on the OJ matter, we appreciate your use of the Serpents Rising documentary webclips to address certain issues that continue to be hidden from the American public while they are sold the image of Simpson as simply a modern day Othello full of jealousy and rage for the disloyalty of his Desdemona.
    OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group), Dr. Henry S. Johnson, T.H. Johnson, OMIG staff and me, Big B., thanks you.

  4. Bodhi says:

    Thanks all of you for bringing out the truth. We watched the whole trial and knew that OJ was innocent, therefore were appalled at the civil trial travesty (how do you admit hearsay into evidence and get away with it, btw; a horrible precedent for American
    jurisprudence.) Right now, though there is much mayhem going on the world, OJ’s current plight is yet another entrapment and “lynching” of a truly innocent man and
    we do still feel for him, that is those of us who have not imbibed in the cool aid. How are his children and the rest of his family handling this? links to pursue:
    It wasn’t so easy to find your blog, but am glad I did. Please keep up your good work.

  5. Actually Big B…

    I should be thanking you all for the wonderful investigation that has been done. It is amazing how all of this info has be suppressed, … but the truth will set you free. As you know, this trial was bigger than just O.J. as it is a reflection on the U.S. Justice System, and many many other things that NEED TO BE ADDRESSED!

    To the OMIG, Dr. Henry Johnson, T.H. Johnson, The OMIG staff and you.

    Thank you again.

  6. Thanks a lot for the encouragement Bodhi.

    Yes, the civil trial (complete with he said, she said) was another injustice added on the the first.

    I will most definately check out the links that you have left.

    I’m glad that you eventually found my blog & I hope that you will enjoy the rest of it also.

  7. Bodhi says:

    I have you bookmarked and will be continuing to look at your work as well as passing it on.

  8. Thank you,

    I really do appreciate that.

  9. If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thanks, anyway!

  10. I cannot believe this is true!

  11. Hoyt Dowden says:

    Charles Rangel: House Ethics Committee does NOT care what citizens think of its judgement call nor it Slap On The Wrist punishment, for you citizens are NOT members of the most elite club in America, The United States Congress, and they are.

  12. Kenneth Allen JR says:

    Hi OJ. was framed and it was a near genius frame-up! I am Kenneth Allen JR look for my first published piece by typing in my name plus bookstove to see my review on the book O.J. Is Guilty But Not of Murder. I read that book in 2001 when it first came out, but here’s a real shocker although I believe the person named is a better suspect, it is ultimately not him. The truth is the Ramparts case investigating LAPD involves people in this case. To view a free ebook [not mine} type in “iago” book in yahoo or google search and faye resnick conspirator same and read what I believe is the truth. A hint: A man named Mark was having an affair with Nicole. Also listen to “seer” or psychic James Avery Interview by going to and typing his name also

  13. Thx Kenneth. I will have to check out that info!

  14. Emile Pecue says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I really suppose this website needs much more consideration. I?l in all probability be again to read rather more, thanks for that info.

  15. Your publish is surely an inspiration for me to examine much more about this subject. I must confess your readability broadened my sights and I’ll proper away seize your rss feed to be updated on any succeeding articles you may create.

  16. Calvin says:

    Some quick notes: I’ve read both of the brother’s Johnson’s books regarding OJ. Great material — unfortunately we (audience) didn’t really need all of the detailed background of the authors, frankly. The data they have assembled stands on its own. Although the media tornado that persists to trample on OJ, I can say that at least I – a white man – don’t believe he’s guilty and never did. He was a hero to me, not just, as the news reporters said, “to young black males.” We appear to have a very deep problem in our country among the elite who control the media – the idea that a black man can be hero to all people. I will read about this until I die I am convinced, hoping against hope that one day the truth will come out. Unfortunately, I feel that OJ himself is somehow knee deep in the reasons why the truth has not come out — having nothing at all to do with culpability in the case.

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