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No Romance Without Finance

money marriage help along with money issues and marriage

Love is all we need…

OH PALEEEEZE! Don’t fall for the Okey-Doke! Today I will explore the subject of money issues and marriage. So if you are in a relationship (a serious one) and/or know somebody who may get married soon, you may want to check this out and relay the message.



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6 Comments to “No Romance Without Finance”

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  2. Marriages today need all the help they can get, and if payday installment loans can help a couple’s budget and there marriage, they should definitely look into taking out these kinds of loans. It is a sad fact that the divorce rate is over fifty percent, and a huge reason for divorce happens to be disagreement over money. Many newlyweds have no idea what they are getting themselves into. They think marriage is going to be a cakewalk, but although it has its rewards, marriage will probably be the hardest thing they’ve ever done, especially when it comes to finances. Each of them may have other priorities than the other, this causes a lot to both of them. My husband and I think in a completely different manner when it comes to money. I’ve been stashing money since I was a little kid. I remember cleaning my closet when I was younger and finding money hidden in crazy places. My husband, on the other hand, is a compulsive shopper. If he wants something, he just goes out and buys it. I’m pretty sure he never had a piggy bank. You can see why we struggle when it comes to making financial decisions. Our opinions are on opposite ends of the spectrum. However, we make it work because we talk about our budget together. We frequently disagree, but marriage is about compromise. And we compromise when it comes to our budget. If I could give any advice to newlyweds it would be to speak openly with your spouse about everything, but most importantly be open about money. Communication is a key to marriage, and if you are properly communicating about money you can save yourself a lot of trouble. For example, there have been a few instances where my husband and I realized we weren’t going to be able to pay some of our bills, so we took out payday installment loans to cover the costs. Payday installment loans have helped our bank account and our marriage. Marriage is a great challenge that needs patience for couples. Click to read more on Payday Installment Loans.

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    There is obviously a lot more to figure out about this issue, but you made some really good points. I will definately be checking here more often. Thank you.

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